Augustus Mengsk was a member of the Mengsk Dynasty and father of Angus Mengsk. It is known that he took him on at least one hunting trip in Korhal's Keresh Province and coined the phrase "when all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail." Such a phrase was used by Angus to describe the actions of the Terran Confederacy,[1] a habit later continued by Arcturus Mengsk.[2]

When Angus became head of the Mengsk Dynasty, he inherited enormous wealth. In his father's honor, a memorial was built in the center of the artificial beach located adjacent to the family's summer villa. The memorial was corroded over time however.[1]

Decades after his death, the city of Augustgrad was named after him.[3]


Keeping in with the Mengsk Dynasty's harkening to the ancient Roman Empire, Augustus being its first emperor. In addition, "Augustus" was originally slated to be Valerian Mengsk's forename.[4][5]


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