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День независимости


Время Ч

The Outlaws

Wings of Liberty




White Rock Base, Mar Sara


Raiders retrieve alien artifact


RaynorsRaiders SC2 Logo1 Raynor's Raiders

TerranDominion Logo2a Terran Dominion


RaynorsRaiders SC2 Logo1 Jim Raynor
Tychus Findlay


Seize the first alien artifact

Optional Objective(s)

Rescue rebels


45,000 credits

New Unit(s)


New Tech

Command centers, Barracks, Supply depots, Tech labs

The Outlaws is the second mission of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.


Old TimesПравить

Starcraft 2 Cinematic 3 - Old Times

Starcraft 2 Cinematic 3 - Old Times

See: Old Times quotations

The destruction of the Dominion headquarters at Backwater Station incited a planetary revolt on Mar Sara.[1] Tychus Findlay, recently released from prison, found old comrade Jim Raynor drinking in Joeyray's Bar at 14:36.

After exchanging friendly barbs, Findlay offered to act as a middle man between the Raiders and the [[Шаблон:Moebius Foundation]] who were buying alien artifacts. The ex-convict revealed Dominion activity on Mar Sara was driven by a dig for such an artifact and it was almost ready to be shipped out. Raynor agreed to raid the dig site and steal it.[2]

Assault on the Dig SiteПравить

The Raiders established a base near the objective. Mar Saran rebels had established another base independent of the Raiders, but were engaged by the Dominion. Raynor wanted to help the rebels while Findlay was content to let the rebels draw away enemy attention.[1]

The Dominion outpost was destroyed and the dig site secured. The Raiders' adjutant gained control of the dig site's crane and brought the artifact to the surface.[1]


The Raiders took the artifact back to Backwater Station for transport off world.[3] Most civilian casualties during the raid were apparently caused by overzealous Dominion troops. Emperor Arcturus Mengsk held a press conference where he justified the policy against the trade in alien artifacts on public safety grounds.[1]

Conversations after MissionПравить

Main article: Campaign quotations
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Gameplay & Video WalkthroughПравить

This is the first mission with a controllable base.

Use the starting marines to scout the surrounding. To the north are resource pallets, with enough resources to build a second barrackss; on Hard difficulty and above the pallets are guarded by marines and a War Pig.

Built a tech lab to unlock medics, and train more infantry, and attack toward the besieged rebel base in the south-west corner. The rebels may be overwhelmed by the Dominion without help. Reaching the rebels provides controllable reinforcements in the form of surviving rebel units and buildings, including a barracks.

The enemy base in the north-west corner. Approaching it triggers an attack by defending hellions. In Hard difficulty, there is a Devil Dog in the base. On Brutal, there is a siege tank in siege mode in the base.

Collecting all 9 resource pallets unlocks the level's second achievement in Normal mode.[1]

Файл:The Outlaws - Starcraft II - Brutal Mode Walkthrough (HD - Max Settings)


TheOutlaws SC2 Icon1 Вне закона

15 Achievement SC2 Game1


Выполните все задачи в задании "Вне закона".

CashReward SC2 Icon1 Денежное вознаграждение

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Найдите все контейнеры с минералами и газом в задании "Вне закона" на сложности "Боец", не понеся потерь.

BeQuickOrBeDead SC2 Icon1 Промедление смерти подобно

10 Achievement SC2 Game1

  • Выполните задание "Вне закона" на уровне сложности "Ветеран" менее чем за 10 минут.


Шаблон:Dev The mission was formerly called "The Dig". Another mission was given that name instead.[4]

Artifact Hunter[5]
  • Complete mission
  • Complete all objectives
Flawless Throwdown[5]
  • Complete mission on Normal difficulty
  • Lose no units
Quick Throwdown[5]
  • Complete mission on Hard difficulty
  • Complete mission in under 7 minutes


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