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Достижения - это тип наград в StarCraft II.

Players of StarCraft II and Diablo III will share "gamer achievements", adding up to a Blizzard Level, in a similar manner to the system in World of Warcraft.[1] They are available in single-player, but only if the player is connected to the internet.[2] They are also available for multiplayer games[3] and custom maps such as Aiur Chef, Left 2 Die and StarJeweled.[4] Achievements can also be won for undertaking challenges.[5]

Some achievements award portraits as battle.net avatars and decals which are displayed on a player's units.

Achievements cannot be obtained while using cheats.

If StarCraft II loses connection to Battle.net during the course of a mission, achievements may not be awarded even if all criteria are met.

Each mission in the Wings of Liberty campaign has three achievements: an achievement for completing all of the mission objectives regardless of difficulty, and two challenge achievements: one for normal difficulty and one for hard difficulty, with the exception of In Utter Darkness, which has two normal difficulty achievements. Note that completing the achievement on a harder difficulty will still reward the achievement. For example, killing 5 enemies units with Raynor and killing every Dominion unit in the mission Liberation Day on Brutal will reward both challenge achievements. This also applies to achievements like the completionist achievements.

A certain number of achievements points will unlock medals on a player's profile.

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