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Approximately 1000 years before the Great War;

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  • The Conclave informs executor Adun as to the existence of Rogue Tribes who have rejected the Khala and orders that they be eradicated. Wishing to avoid genocide, Adun teaches the tribes techniques to help them evade the Conclave's gaze through psionic powers until such a time comes when they can be reintroduced back into protoss society. Lacking the required discipline however, the tribes unleash violent psionic storms which ravage Aiur and even colonies such as Khyrador. The tribes, known as Dark Templar, are banished, Adun giving his life to protect them from an over-zealous Judicator.[1][2]
  • The protoss settlers of Khyrador abandon the planet, leaving the Uraj crystal.[4]
  • In the aftermath of these events, protoss civilization enters a period of relative peace (at least when compared to human history of this period) that will last until the Great War.[1]
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