• C. 2259:[1] After 28 years of blind travel through warp space due to a computer malfunction and having missed Gantris VI, the four supercarriers’ warp engines reach critical meltdown, emerging in real space in a system roughly 60,000 light years from Earth near the galactic fringe. The ships engaged their emergency protocols. The Reagan and Sarengo crash land on Umoja. The Sarengo suffers atmospheric failures and is destroyed. The Reagan makes a more controlled descent. The Argo lands on the mineral rich world of Moria while the Nagglfar crash lands on the temperate world of Tarsonis. Those on Moria and Umoja have no idea what's happened, apart from the fact that they're clearly not on Gantris VI. Those on Tarsonis however have access to ATLAS, giving them a technological advantage.[2][note 1]
  • The protoss observe the newly arrived humans. Although they're unsure as to their origins, they begin secret observation, knowing that they'll make an interesting study.[2]
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  1. The StarCraft manual originally placed this time of arrival as being two centuries before the Great War, coming to around 2299. This was retconned in the timeline provided in StarCraft II: Heaven's Devils.
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