• After 60 years of isolation, the inhabitants of the three colonies are reunited by space travel. Tarsonis pushes Umoja and Moria to join it in a conglomarative government but the other two colonies steadfastedly refuse. Undeterred, Tarsonis explores the surrounding systems in what becomes known as the Koprulu Sector.[1][2][note 1]
  • With contact between worlds re-established, families of "the faithful" are reunited. Under the Patriarchs, they settle the world of Bountiful.[3]
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  1. The reunification process took 60 years, according to the manual and recent StarCraft II information. The terrans made it to the Koprulu Sector in 2259, according to the StarCraft II: Heaven's Devils timeline. Earlier manual information had the point of arrival at around 2299, which in turn would have pushed this date to around 2369.
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