Relative timing derived from Arcturus Mengsk's birthday, calculated to be in December.


  • Ailin Pasteur visits Angus Mengsk, who is secretly planning an anti-Confederate revolt. The Mengsk Dynasty is targeted for assassination by Confederate forces during the meeting at Mengsk's villa. The attack is a failure, and helps convince Pasteur to secretly support the armed struggle.[1]
  • Arcturus Mengsk begins his last term at Styrling Academy. Despite his disdain for its curiculum, he promises to see it through, if only to gain his independence as an individual. Within a day of his arrival, he begins a regular correspondence with Juliana Pasteur.[1]
  • The Rebellion of Korhal begins, bombings and ambushes being carried out against Confederate marines. Angus Mengsk publicly condemns the violence while secretly spearheading it.[1]


  • Courtesy of increased security and monotonous lectures and assignments, Arcturus finds his promise being tested to the limit.[1]
  • By this stage, Angus' anti-Confederate campaign has claimed the lives of hundreds of Confederate marines.[1]


  • The senior year of Styrling Academy are introduced to recruiters for the Confederate Marine Corps. Arcturus becomes interested in enlisting.[1]
  • Juliana and Ailin Pasteur return to Korhal in preparation for Angus' scheduled Close of Session speech at the Korhal Senate.[1]
  • Preparations are made at the academy for the graduation ceremony and subsequent celebration. This includes a redecorating of the assembly hall for an extraterrestrial theme.[1]

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  1. By comparing Mengsk's age in the manual of StarCraft with that in StarCraft: I, Mengsk and his birthday, along with his year of birth being 2460, it is revealed that his birthday falls within December. This in turn allows one to work back six months (June) and forward to the point of leaving Korhal a second time in 2482.
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