• Speer reports on the issue of illegal drafting into the Confederate Armed Forces.[2]



  • Due to changes to training programs, Confederate armed forces morale reportedly goes on the rise.[2]
  • The Kel-Morian Combine attacks Confederate nuclear fortifications on Char. After heavy fighting, the Confederates drive the attackers into retreat.[2]


  • UNN's documentary The Price of War is pulled off the air by military censors. UNN offices are subsequently raided for "seditious and slanderous materials."[2]


  • Three UNN reporting staff are arrested due to the airing of unauthorized war footage. Preston Shale is interviewed in regards to the issue.[2]


  • The Confederacy agrees to give its reporters access to military bases.[2]
  • The Combine releases a statement dismissing claims of ill treatment towards P.O.Ws.[2]
  • Heightened criminal activity is reported in the Confederate civilian sector.[2]


Misc. EventsEdit

The events below occur from early-to late year, concurently with many of the above events.



  • The Battle of Prosser's Well on Raydin III takes place between the Terran Confederacy and Kel-Morian Combine. The former achieves victory.[2]
    • In the aftermath, Staff Sergeant Tychus Findlay arranges a crooked deal to sell some captured Kel-Morian materiel before it can be accounted for by Confederate logistics teams.[2]
    • Captain Jack Larimer orders his Tactical Response Squad to disguise themselves as Kel-Morians and assault "collaborators" or "dissidents". Staff Sergeant Findlay, his second-in-command, disputes his reckless tactics and beats Captain Larimer unconscious. This lands Findlay in a work camp where he is demoted to private. He also isn't able to close his criminal deal.[2]


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