• July 7: Courtesy of a telepath, Turfa Dei begins having nightmares about the victims of his bomb attacks.[1]
  • July 11: Turfa Dei fails a bomb delivery on Tarsonis, courtesy of interference from the same telepath. Running from reprisals, he encounters the psychic, who admits to messing with his mind and subsequently trying to obtain names and locations. Resisting the telepathy, Dei strangles him.[1]

Misc. EventsEdit

  • The Terran Confederacy experiences an economic boom, with many becoming rich because of it, becoming known as “bootstrappers.” They're generally resented by the Old Families.[3]
  • The shaved head look goes out of style on Tarsonis.[3]
  • The Hyperion crash lands on a fiery planet near Umojan territory due to a navigation error. The ship and its crew are taken into Protectorate custody. Without proof of Umojan subversion, the Confederacy lets the matter pass.[5]

The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II that is ambiguously canonical.


Originally this year marked the parting of ways between Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay was to occur in this year as part of the above prisoner exchange.[7][8] However, the parting of ways was later changed to 2495[9][10] and under different circumstances.[11]

The next article in this series is 2491.


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