• Senator Elliot Canon is nearly assassinated at Brontes, but is rescued by his bodyguard, Nuura Joss. However, they are both later ambushed by a ghost, who kills Canon and frames Joss for the murder. Joss turns herself in and pleads guilty to treason.[1]
  • In one of Jim Raynor ferries a group of criminals across Perdition's Crossing, encountering a slaver gang. Working with the criminals he is assigned to ferry, Raynor defeats the slavers, but not before he's turned on by his criminal allies. Marduke Saul turns on the other two criminals, and saved Raynor, and Raynor allows him to go free while he completes transporting the other two criminals.[6][note 1]
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  1. The book timeline places Raynor becoming marshal in 2496, but that John Raynor was born in 2495. However, in the story, Liddy is pregnant with John Raynor while Raynor is acting as marshal.
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