Later EventsEdit

  • Ramsey ends up far from Shakuras. He and Zamara locate Zeratul and convince him to help separate them. They also discuss a number of secrets, including the life cycle of the xel'naga and the creation of the hybrids. Zeratul brings them to a shrine on Ehlna, a Nerazim sanctuary where Ramsey's life could be saved, while he traveled to Pegasus, observing an energy creature hatching from a fresh temple and following it to a wormhole with a mysterious planet at the end. Meanwhile, Rosemary Dahl and a protoss force led by Selendis arrive at the shrine, while forces under the command of Ethan Stewart, Valerian Mengsk, Selendis and the dark archon converge on the site and fight over Ramsey. Zamara is successfully removed, only to immediately seal Ulrezaj into her crystal. Stewart is killed in combat, and the Dominion achieves victory. Valerian Mengsk is able to protect Ramsey from his father and also kept some knowledge from the shrine he had acquired before the protoss returns in force and drive the Dominion away.[11][9]
  • A Moebius Foundation research team on KL-2 accidentally release a malevolent entity from a xel'naga-crafted prison, who bends the scientists to its will. Protoss forces arrive soon after and do battle with the entity's minions. Despite their assumptions to the contrary, the entity escapes their wrath.[12][9]

Misc. EventsEdit

  • A heavily armed group of pirates storm Agria, intent on stealing its hi-tech scientific equipment. Dominion marines engage the pirates to protect these valuable assets, carelessly slaughtering colonists who are caught in the crossfire. Doctor Ariel Hanson risks her life to save dozens of innocent bystanders trapped in areas of heavy fighting. The pirates are eventually driven off Agria.[18]
  • The Daelaam place satellites around Gystt to monitor for any sign of Kerrigan's return.[21]


The timeline provided in StarCraft II: Heaven's Devils places the events of The Dark Templar Saga and Ghost/StarCraft: Ghost: Spectres in 2503. This stands in contrast to the timeframes presented in the books and comments made by Chris Metzen, who placed the saga in the same year as StarCraft II (many months, if not a year before it)[22] and the saga itself.[8][11]

The next article in this series is 2504.


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  1. According to her Nova Covert Ops ARG profile, Nova graduated from the Ghost Academy in 2502, while the novel Nova establishes that the completion of her graduation mission occurred on her birthday (revealed in the same profile as being January 15th). This may be an error, or an indication that graduation and the graduation mission are two separate tasks.
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  3. The originaly story had this event occurring in 2504. This was later retconned to be in 2503 by the timeline provided in Spectres.
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