The Battle in the Void occurs this year.[1]


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Early April

  • The Terran Dominion celebrates its third anniversary of the fall of the Arcturus Mengsk regime and the rise of Emperor Valerian Mengsk. Admiral Matt Horner reports the continued support of his new regime by the Dominion armed forces. The Dominion experiences an era of reconstruction and continuing peace.[4]

Post-Early AprilEdit

Misc EventsEdit

  • Valerian Mengsk begins open elections in the Dominion.[1]
  • Alarak refuses an alliance with the Daelaam, and departs in search of a new world for the Tal'darim. Any Tal'darim warriors who opposed his decision were given one chance to stay with the Daelaam.[4]
  • A mysterious bloom of life on previously barren worlds baffles scientists.[4]


The timeline of StarCraft: Evolution states that the End War ends this year.[1] This contradicts Legacy of the Void, which establishes that there's a two-year gap between the conflict's end and Raynor's disappearance.[4] It also appears to be contradicted by StarCraft II: This Sacred Land, which occurs in 2506, but has been stated to take place after Amon's defeat.[7]

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