• The One-Day War occurs. Overqueen Zagara, Hierarch Artanis and Emperor Valerian Mengsk hold a conference regarding peace talks between the three races, and revitalizing destroyed planets after the wars of the last decade. However, Abathur schemes to start a war and destroy the adostra created by a blend of zerg and xel'naga essence. To do this, he creates a strain known as the chitha, which can control nearby zerg, and forces the Dominion and Daelaam to destroy two of the three adostra sites. However, a Dominion survey team uncovers Abathur's plot, and he and his chitha are defeated before the last of the adostra are destroyed. A new round of peace talks occur, and the Zerg Compliance Ground Force Unit is founded.[2]


  • In StarCraft: Evolution, Whist says that it had been six years since "the end of the war, or at least his part in it." However, Valerian Mengsk states that it had been six years since he had taken power, implying that Whist did not serve in the End War, and that the book takes place six years after 2505.
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