The 33rd Ground Assault Division was a division of the Confederate Marine Corps led by Commander Brantigan Fole.

Dominion section was a small unit within the Division, originally consisting of Lieutenant Arcturus Mengsk and five other soldiers. The soldiers under the command of Captain Angelina Emillian, with the exception of Dominion section, were neurally resocialized.[1]


In 2480, elements of the 33rd were involved in forcibly removing Kel-Morian miners from their claims on the world of Sonyan as part of a Confederate takeover. The Confederacy eventually gained control of the planet, but not after conflict between the marines and miners.

Five years later, the Division and a band of Alpha Squadron troops led by Captain Edmund Duke were present in battle at the Noranda Glacier vespene mines on Onuru Sigma, fighting against the Kel-Morian Combine, when a massive Combine force moved in and forced their retreat.[1]

During the Guild Wars, the 33rd took part in a closely fought battle in the South Kreen Mines of Sonyan. Horace Warfield led a charge into a Kel-Morian bunker, taking three bullets in the shoulder as he cleared a vital position. Warfield was quickly made first lieutenant under Mengsk.[2]

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