The 934th Marines is a unit of the Dominion Marine Corps.

The unit saw action during the Second Great War and End War, often being pitted against the zerg. In one of these conflicts, it saw action in Northwoods Forest on New Sydney, where it entered the forest to flush out the zerg present there. In this it was supported by the 122nd Reapers.

In 2511, the unit once again were deployed during the One-Day War to support Emperor Valerian Mengsk with diplomatic talks on the planet Gystt. Master Sergeant Foster Cray of the unit was assigned to a survey team to investigate the planet. After zerg under the control of a renegade breed named the chitha threatened the peace talks, marines from the unit were deployed under Colonel Abram Cruikshank to support Daelaam forces investigating a adostra nest. However, they were forced to detonate a disruptor in the nest, destroying it. The team later saw action defending the third and final adostra nest, and with the support of Daelaam forces were able to ward away the renegade zerg, allowing time for the survey team to secure the third nest.[1]

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