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"Not exactly a lightweight weapon, but an effective one."

- Jake on the AGR-14(src)

The AGR-14 rifle

The AGR-14 is a terran 8 mm gauss assault rifle.[1][2][3]


"The mission is in your veins, and the orders are in your rifle."

- One(src)

The AGR-14 was used to train Confederate Marine Corps recruits[2] and old models existed as far back as 2478.[4] It saw use throughout the Guild Wars by the Terran Confederacy.[5]

It was also available to civilians and mercenaries.[4] The AGR-14 was Rosemary Dahl's weapon of choice.[1] The weapon is also available to ghosts[3] and was frequently used by spectres during the Second Great War.[6]


The AGR-14 fires at supersonic speeds and makes a very intimidating roar when it does so. It is capable of firing jacketless slugs that can tear through a human body,[4] depleted uranium rounds, steel tipped anti-personnel rounds,[2] and incendiary rounds,[7] all fired through magnetic acceleration[2] at a rate of 28 rounds per second.[8] Ultrasonic pulses capable of stunning enemies can also be fired.[6]

The rifle can be fitted with a scope.[9]


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Magazine 30 rounds[10]
Modes Auto, burst fire
Reload 2.5s
Range 750m[11]

The weapon can also fire armor piercing rounds and can launch grenades in secondary fire mode.[10]


The AGR-14 in StarCraft: Ghost

The AGR effectively replaced the C-20A rifle as Nova's standard weapon in StarCraft: Ghost. In the game, it was said that the weapon became the standard armament of ghosts.[10] This is null to at least some extent, as the C-10 rifle remains standard in Wings of Liberty (and other products), with the AGR instead becoming the de facto weapon of spectres.[6]


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