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The Artificial Tele-empathic Logistics Analysis System, or ATLAS, was a revolutionary supercomputer.[1]


After cataloguing the various mutations and cybernetic enhancements of fifty-six thousand United Powers League prisoners, Doran Routhe input all of the data into ATLAS. It processed this genetic information and predicted which of the prisoners should be able to survive the rigorous conditions of long-term cryogenic hibernation. ATLAS deemed forty thousand of the prisoners viable.[1] The fate of the other sixteen thousand prisoners is unknown, but they had been slated for mass execution before being acquired by Routhe.

ATLAS was installed into the Nagglfar and controlled all four supercarriers[2] as it continued to monitor the prisoners in stasis over the course of the voyage to Gantris VI. ATLAS evaluated the numerous mutations and enhancements found within their gene pool and became aware of a powerful mutagenetic strain that existed in the DNA of less than one percent of the prisoners which seemed to augment the latent psionic potential within the human brain. ATLAS calculated that many of the prisoners might benefit from this psionic mutation within only a few generations should they survive in their new environment.[1]

At some point during the journey the navigation systems linked to ATLAS shut down, erasing the coordinates of Gantris VI and Earth.[1]

After landing on Umoja, the passengers of the Reagan found that ATLAS had somehow erased all information regarding their current status from their computer banks. The passengers of the Nagglfar accessed ATLAS directly and confirmed their growing suspicions that they would never see Earth again.[1] Even though ATLAS had suffered many critical failures, it was vital to giving the new inhabitants of Tarsonis a head start when it came to establishing themselves.[2]

Terran Dominion technology has made surprisingly little progress in the fields of encryption and machine language. Significant portions of the original ATLAS coding and functionality still exist in adjutants. It is assumed that dependence on the servile and deliberately limited sapience of these automatons has allowed for intellectual complacency in those fields.[3]


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