The ATX laser battery is a capital ship weapon developed by the Terran Dominion for their elite battlecruisers. It was part of the ordnance tested at Davis's compound by the Defenders of Man during the Defenders of Man Insurgency. These batteries allowed battlecruisers to target multiple enemies at once up to four targets.[1] Sovereign battlecruiser can attack while moving with this.

Game EffectEdit

ATX laser battiers are available as an upgrade to battlecruisers equipped with the special ordnance upgrade in Nova Covert Ops.[1] Damage is 8, range is 6, speed is 0.61 and upgrade is +1.

SpecialOrdiance SC2NCO1
Special Ordnance

Replaces the battlecruiser's standard weaponry with ATX laser batteries, which can target and attack multiple enemy units at once.

Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Obtain the special weaponry in "In the Enemy's Shadow."


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