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Engineer's Mate Aaren Ruth is a member of Raynor's Raiders, serving as an engineer on board the Hyperion. His time of entry and services are unknown, but it appears that he was a member of the Raiders during or after the Brood War. At some point he was present on the world of Shakuras. He recorded his experiences in a series of data entries:

Data Entries[edit | edit source]

Data Entry 1027AM0440[edit | edit source]

It looks like we've finally found a new place to call home. This planet where the Dark Templar have set up shop is very strange, though. I can get over the fact that everything here is blue -- in fact, it's actually kind of relaxing, sometimes. No, the true surrealism of this place is that I have never seen a single plant! No grass, no trees, not even a single bush to break up the landscape. All they do seem to have are lots and lots of rocks. It's damn odd...[1]

Data Entry 1102AM0441[edit | edit source]

A funny thing happened today. I watched a Protoss Templar doing what he calls "exercises." I was immediately taken back to the birthday party my mother gave me when I turned six years old. All my friends were there and there was more ice cream and cake than I could ever have thought possible. The highlight of the day, though, was the magician my mother hired as entertainment. He pulled a rabbit out of his black top hat and materialized coins out from behind the ears of my friends and, for a brief moment, I believed that magic was real. As an adult, I discovered the magic tricks that had transfixed me as a youth were just bits of misdirection and sleight of hand. I even learned a few of them to show my younger brothers and sisters. They loved those tricks, and I just wish they could see the Protoss. The Templar can do things with their minds that can only be described as real magic...[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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