Lieutenant Abernathy was a Raynor's Raiders officer aboard the Chandler. She was granted a leadership position by Jim Raynor on Char.


Abernathy's vessel, the Chandler, was in orbit over Char when invaded by zerg under the command of Sarah Kerrigan. It was in turn attacked by Tassadar's protoss fleet due to the infestation. Abernathy managed to guide a shuttle down to the surface, but the shuttle was damaged by an energy beam from a protoss warship. During the journey, her arm was injured. Raynor granted her and marine Deke Cavez leadership positions as his executive officers on Char.

The zerg attacked the Raiders' base camp while Jim Raynor was away establishing an alliance with the protoss. During the battle, Abernathy was attacked and wounded by a zerg warrior. Cavez rescued her by shooting it in the throat but erroneously believed she had died when in fact her CMC armor had locked down. Raynor arrived with protoss allies, and rescued her after the zerg were defeated.

Abernathy continued to serve Raynor after his group was rescued from the planet by Artanis.[1]


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