"If we win? You don't think we can beat the Confederacy?"
"I don't care anymore. I just want to hurt them."

- Angus Mengsk and Achton Feld(src)

Achton Feld was Angus Mengsk's chief of security, a difficult job due to frequent assassination attempts against Mengsk. Unfortunately for Feld, Mengsk cared little about his own security precautions, prompting Feld to wonder if he should have gotten a safer but more boring security job on Brontes.[1]

Feld was insightful, able to see hidden aspects of Arcturus Mengsk's character and even giving him advice.[1]

He later became a colonel in the Rebellion of Korhal. He was killed in the nuclear strike on the planet.[2]


In 2478, Achton Feld caught a seventeen-year-old Arcturus Mengsk breaking into his own summer residence the same day Umojan ambassador Ailin Pasteur had come to visit. This indirectly alerted him to an actual home invasion by neurally resocialized marines, disguised as a corporate death squad.

Feld was injured in the battle, taking six Impaler spikes in the shoulder.

Feld's insight suggested the "corporate death squad" was, in fact, a Confederate assassination attempt. Afterward he suffered months of skin grafts and bone reconstruction surgery, leaving him with long-term pain. He wanted to hurt the Confederacy in revenge.[1]

Shortly after the battle, Angus Mengsk and Ailin Pasteur arranged for secret Umojan aid to the underground rebellion. Feld's revolutionary responsibilities included hiding all involvement of the Mengsk Dynasty in the underground rebellion despite the Confederate crackdown. This action was successful.[1]

Feld built a strong security apparatus around Angus Mengsk, including a balcony force field, but in 2489, shortly after Mengsk declared Korhal's independence, three secret agents bypassed the force field and slew Mengsk, his wife and daughter.[1]

Feld remained committed to the rebellion and rose to the rank of colonel. He understood the conflict with the Confederacy would inevitably escalate and impatiently awaited the outbreak of open warfare. The Confederate attack came while General Arcturus Mengsk, now leader of the rebellion, was visiting Umoja. In the general's absence Feld was elected to command in the interim. Feld received supplementary data about the Confederate blockade from Mengsk at the Spy Deck and expected a ground attack. However, the Confederates opted to devastate the planet with nuclear weapons instead. Feld was killed when Styrling, the capital city, was destroyed.[2]


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