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Zerg eggs in the acid marsh

The Acid Marsh is a landform located on Char.

Sarah Kerrigan stored millions of zerg eggs there for future use. Broodmother Zagara later set up her hive cluster there to gather as many eggs as she could. When Kerrigan returned, Izsha located her hive cluster near a birthing pond. Kerrigan proceeded to collect eggs while Zagara made troops, which she then sent against Kerrigan's hive cluster, but it was successfully defended. Kerrigan was able to collect enough eggs to spawn an army, which she used to destroy Zagara's hive cluster. However, she let Zagara live after being reminded of what she once told her broodmothers.[1]


AcidMarsh SC-R Art1

Acid Marsh

The marsh appears as a contestable territory in RISK: StarCraft.[2]


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