"Artanis, this brood is coordinated. Their actions are intelligent, beyond feral zerg..."
"You speak truly, Zeratul. An unseen hand moves them. We must be on guard."

- Zeratul and Artanis(src)

The Aiur Brood was one of the few zerg broods which remained on Aiur after the Brood War. It defended the Overmind's corpse following its death. In spite of being feral, it retained an uncanny intelligence, able to set up ambushes and spawn zerg in response to assaults.

History[edit | edit source]

The zerg occupied Aiur during the Great War[1] and engaged in fratricidal fighting in the strife that followed the death of the Overmind[2]. After the Brood War the infighting came to an end but the zerg on Aiur were left mostly listless and did not spawn in significant numbers.[3]

In 2504, Zeratul returned to the planet to access the dead Overmind's memories. He was forced to fight the brood guarding (and feeding off) the corpse.[4] Much of the brood infested the moon of Saalok, and when a Daelaam strike force arrived to set up outposts for a potential invasion, the Aiur Brood struck them with ambushes unnatural for feral zerg. The last surviving zealot, Teredal, speculated there was a growing intelligence behind the brood, and was able to warn the fleet in time before more protoss casualties occurred.[5]

At the start of the End War, some, if not all of the feral zerg on Aiur came under Amon's control, forming his own brood.[6] Following Amon's banishment to the Void and the subsequent reclamation of Aiur by the protoss, the remaining zerg on Aiur were apparently eradicated.[7]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Despite having been cut off from the main Swarm, the Aiur Brood had access to many post-Brood War strains, such as the roach and the baneling.
  • The brood's decal is available in multiplayer as a reward for winning 750 1v1 games as zerg.[8]
  • The warp conduits on Kaldir bear the symbol of the Aiur Brood, in spite of being a protoss invention.[9]

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