Aldeo Cistler is the finance minister of the Terran Dominion, member of Arcturus Mengsk's inner circle, and a personal friend of the emperor. He was interviewed by E.B. James on The Dominion and You on at least one occasion.

He considered his son Aal to be a disappointing troublemaker, and had him sent to the Ghost Academy at age 24 in order to "make a man out of him". Cistler wasn't a natural fit for the Ghost Academy, in part due to his low PI rating. However, the Academy had to accept him for fear of offending the powerful Aldeo Cistler.

Aal Cistler was quickly washed out for selling drugs to other students, but was able to avoid punishment such as jail time, simply being sent to Korhal.[1]

Aldeo and a number of senators forced Bick to reaccept his son into the Academy. In addition, Bick was threatened with financial investigation, both of the Academy and of his personal self.[2] Bick claimed his finances were spotless but that the finance minister would simply invent something.[3]

Unknown to the Dominion, Aldeo was selling Dominion secrets to the Umojan Protectorate. With the help of his son, he was able to setup Toom of the Kal-Bryant Mining Conglomerate to take the fall. It worked, and Toom was forced to commit suicide.[4]


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