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The DSS Aleksander was a battlecruiser and the flagship of the UED Expeditionary Force during their invasion of the Koprulu Sector.[1] It was commanded by Admiral Gerard DuGalle; other crew included Malmsteen. Alexei Stukov was also stationed on Aleksander.[2]


The Brood WarEdit

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The Aleksander during the Brood War

Aleksander was at a terran colony in the early stages of the Brood War, where the UED unleashed zerg upon a group of colonists as a means of observing the zerg in action. Aleksander remained above the battlefield, never firing a shot. Satisfied with the demonstration, DuGalle ordered the ship leave the planet, leaving the colonists to their fate.[2]

The ship was present at Char after the UED successfully pacified the Overmind. It was from the ship that DuGalle confronted by Sarah Kerrigan, who warned him that the UED's control of the zerg would be short-lived. The ship left the field of battle as accompanying valkyries engaged Kerrigan's mutalisks.[3]

After the UED was soundly defeated by Kerrigan, DuGalle composed a final letter to his wife and shot himself in his quarters. The zerg swarms overtook the UED fleet soon after,[4] and Aleksander was overcome by the swarm along with the rest of the fleet.[5]

The End WarEdit

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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

Aleksander was later infested by the Zerg Swarm. Such was the severity of the infestation that it took on the appearance of a living ship.[6] After an infested Alexei Stukov joined with Sarah Kerrigan's forces he reclaimed the ship as his own. During the End War, Stukov fielded the ship against the Amon's Forces.[7]

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StarCraft IIEdit


  • On the store page for the Alexei Stukov Co-op Commander, the Aleksander is referred to as a "Super Battlecruiser." It is unknown if this is related to the other known super battlecruiser, the Loki.[8]


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