"Caster Oleksii “Alex007” Trushliakov rose through the ranks of his local Ukrainian esports scene to achieve renown in the global StarCraft II community. Now you can have Alex007 narrate your own battles in the Koprulu sector, drawing on all the insight he’s gathered from his years as a StarCraft journalist, commentator, manager, and tournament organizer."

- Announcer blurb(src)

Oleksii “Alex007” Trushliakov is a Ukrainian StarCraft professional and a StarCraft and StarCraft II caster, journalist, and tournament organizer.

Day9 is available as a purchasable announcer in StarCraft II, added in Patch 4.4. His voice pack is only available in Russian and without subtitles.[1] His portrait is available as part of the Macherino for 2018 QLASH Casters Invitational.



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