Alexander Davidoff is a Terran Dominion colonel in the Second Fleet of the Dominion Armada. Troops under his command included a wrangler, Randall, his battlecruiser crew and reapers.


Davidoff was in charge of capturing Colin Phash, the psychic son of former Dominion senator Corbin Phash, after which he would be turned over to the Ghost Program.

Randall tracked down Colin Phash over several systems, while Davidoff expressed impatience with his "trigger-happy" methods. Randall eventually tracked Phash to Gohbus Moon, scene of a terraforming disaster and much media attention. He was reluctant to give Randall clearance to travel there, and refused to hand over Randall's "secret weapon", a pack of "lobotomized" zerglings cut off from the Zerg Swarm which Randall could use to track psychics.

Instead, Randall was ordered to use "traditional" methods. However, the process didn't work, as the refugees refused to cooperate, so Davidoff gave permission to use the zerglings, provided they looked like a random incursion.

Randall located the child, but ended up being killed by the zerglings. However, Davidoff's reapers captured him and reported this to the colonel. Phash ended up an inmate at the Ghost Academy.[1]


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