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"Modifications of Stukov second only to modifications of Primal Queen of Blades. However, Stukov product of specific design. Interweaving of terran and zerg matter, subtle. Spun on micro scale not possible for Swarm."

Alexei Stukov (also spelled Alexi Stukov) was a human from Earth. He was the vice admiral of the UED Expeditionary Fleet and tactical advisor to Admiral Gerard DuGalle. He was later resurrected via infestation, and made into an infested terran.


Early Service

AlexeiStukov SCR HeadAnim

Vice Admiral Stukov

Stukov grew up on Earth, rising through the ranks of the United Powers League alongside his friend Gerard DuGalle. Both men were competitive throughout their youths and constantly played at getting the best of one another. Unlike DuGalle however, Stukov spent most of his military career in top-secret research rather than in actual combat, constantly striving to push the limit of conventional technology and physical theory to increase the effectiveness of UPL troops in warfare. His views on the subject were considered unconventional.[3]

Despite research taking up most of his time, Stukov was not completely unfamiliar with combat, his awards showing this. He won the Crux de Valor with combat tags and, for his involvement in the quelling of the Ishanti Uprising, three Bronze Gammadons.[4] Family matters were not unfamiliar to him either, fathering four children.[5]

The Brood War

A New Enemy

The discovery of alien species in the Koprulu sector changed the UPL's stance to their wayward colonies along with its own power structure. Now serving the United Earth Directorate, Stukov was appointed as second-in-command of an expeditionary force to bring the Koprulu Sector and its inhabitants under UED control. Serving under DuGalle, Stukov departed Earth for the galactic fringe.[3]

GerardDuGalleAlexeiStukov SC1 CineBWIntro1

"You must go into this with both eyes open."

Shortly after arriving in the sector, Stukov and DuGalle witnessed a demonstration of the zerg attacking the base of a Terran Dominion colony. DuGalle had released the zerg onto an unsuspecting colony to "observe" them in warfare. Stukov was indifferent, claiming to know "all about the zerg" from seeing tapes "a hundred times" but DuGalle forced him to watch, claiming that the live demonstration would instill a resolve within the Vice Admiral that recorded dissections could not. In this he was correct, Stukov resolving to go "all the way." After seeing enough, the Aleksander then withdrew and left the besieged colonists to die by the zerg.[6]

First Strike

"Protoss Commander, I am Admiral Alexei Stukov of the United Earth Directorate. We are here to take control of the Terran Dominion and all of its outlying colonies. You are in direct violation of Terran space and have openly attacked Terran troops. Lower your shields and power down your weapons systems. The UED will be taking custody of your ships and whatever spoils you have garnered from this planet."

- Stukov confronts the protoss over Braxis' space platform(src)

AlexeiStukov SC1 HeadAnim1

Vice Admiral Stukov

Stukov tried to blockade Braxis when the protoss visited, for reasons unknown to him. The protoss were able to penetrate the blockade, and eventually Stukov had to give up the chase.[7]

Later, Stukov ordered a Captain of the UED fleet, newly awakened from cryogenic hibernation, to assault Braxis and take control of its capital city of Boralis within two standard hours. Unfortunately, the attacking forces were hampered by a lack of vespene gas.[8] When the UED met the Confederate Resistance Forces, its commander Lieutenant Samir Duran offered his services and skills in return for amnesty. Stukov was initially suspicious, but when Duran said that he could show an alternate route that leads to the rear of Boralis, Stukov accepted his aid and formally declared Duran and his troops as new conscripts of the UED — "Very well, Lieutenant. Consider yourself and your men the first colonial conscripts of the United Earth Directorate."[9]

The Iron Fist

"Ah, General Duke. I expected your forces to arrive sooner. You should know that we represent not one of your rag-tag peasant Militias, but the combined might of the United Earth Directorate."

- Stukov greets General Edmund Duke as battle brews(src)

AlexeiStukov SC1 Rend1

Stukov stands tall

Stukov accompanied the UED fleet when it attacked the Dylarian Shipyards. Duran warned him and DuGalle of the impending Dominion counterstrike.[10] The UED forces stole the shipyard's battlecruisers and escaped.[11]

When a Confederate psi disrupter was discovered on Tarsonis, Duran convinced DuGalle of the need to destroy the device.[12] Stukov however, believed the disrupter to be a useful tool to the UED and sent his personal guard to relieve Duran after he had secured it.[13] Without telling DuGalle, he had the disrupter secretly dismantled, transported to Braxis, and reassembled.[14]

While the UED pursued Emperor Arcturus Mengsk and Commander Jim Raynor to Aiur in their campaign against the Dominion, Stukov became increasingly perturbed at the increasing number of allies that Mengsk was able to bring to bear against them. When a massive wave of zerg attacked the UED just in time to allow Mengsk to escape their grasp once again, Stukov was horrified. Not only had Raynor and the protoss joined forces with the Dominion, but the seemingly mindless zerg had done so as well.[15]

When Stukov realized that Duran had deliberately moved his forces out of place so as to allow the zerg to pass,[16] Stukov finally grasped that their inconspicuous ally had not only been playing them from the start, but likely had been infested by the zerg as well. With this new revelation, Stukov immediately fled back to Braxis with his troops loyal to him, where he activated the psi disrupter.[14]

Patriot's Blood

AlexeiStukov SC1 CineUEDVicReport1

Stukov, after betrayal

"I mean no offense, Admiral. But perhaps Stukov's loyalties are not as strong as you once believed."

- Lieutenant Samir Duran to Admiral Gerard DuGalle(src)

DuGalle was livid, especially since Duran was goading him. He ordered Duran to execute Stukov for treason against the UED, a task Duran gladly accepted.[17] Stukov's personal forces resisted the UED, but eventually Duran located Stukov and shot him. Duran promptly vanished. With his dying breath, Stukov told DuGalle that Duran had been manipulating him from the beginning, was almost certainly infested by the zerg and may have been for a long time.[18]

Stukov's last words were punctuated when the outer walls of the psi disrupter were breached by a massive wave of zerg, triggering alarms and possibly setting off the disrupter's self-destruct sequence. At DuGalle's request, the remainder of Stukov's personal forces assisted the UED forces in their efforts to recapture the disrupter from the zerg and succeeded in time.[14]


AlexeiStukov SC1 CineUEDVicReport2

Funeral for a hero

The vice admiral's ignominious fate was hidden by UED propaganda, which claimed Stukov had died in the "final valiant assault on Char" against the zerg. His body was then buried in space during the military funeral.[5]

DuGalle took Stukov's death personally realizing the shortsightedness caused by his pride directly led to the death of his friend.[19] Kerrigan would pick at the wound, taunting DuGalle after the UED victory on Char by declaring that Stukov was "twice the man you are."[20]


"Now you will taste the vengeance of the New Swarm. Destroy them!!!!"

- Stukov defies Taldarin and Jim Raynor(src)

InfestedAlexeiStukov SC1 Art1

Infested Stukov

Stukov's death, however, was temporary. After being 'spaced,' he was captured by the zerg.[21]

He was resurrected and infested by a cerebrate, Kaloth,[22] as an experiment in creating infested human leaders,[23] to turn them into leaders of their own colonies.[24] Stukov also held Doctor Emil Narud responsible for his creation.[25]

His infestation gave the zerg some knowledge of the United Earth Directorate.[26]

The Kimeran Pirates raided a Terran Confederacy installation. According to the stolen data, the Confederates were studying how to revive terrans using zerg reanimation techniques. One subject of these experiments was an infested terran named Morik, who had maintained some of his sanity. When the Pirates left, taking Morik with them, they were eventually tracked down.[27]

Stukov hired mercenaries to destroy enemies who had conveniently settled on the same dark planet, including the Kimeran Pirates. The Kimerans were mostly or completely wiped out by Stukov's mercenaries.[28]

ResurrectionIV Map1

Stukov's base

Eventually, Stukov gained control of a zerg brood (the New Swarm) and moved to Braxis.[22] The protoss discovered them quickly,[29] while Stukov was still maturing into the role.[22] His weakness was reflected by poor efficiency in the zerg; the suicidal infested terrans were much less potent.[30] Nonetheless, Stukov could rely on a large zerg and renegade terran force. The terran component was not wholly reliable; doubts about Stukov's sanity pushed many toward leaving the infested terran's service.

The protoss developed a nanite serum to reverse Stukov's infestation. Assaulting Braxis and delivering the serum was entrusted to a small joint terran and protoss force led by Jim Raynor and Taldarin, a dragoon. Raynor, a protoss ally, joined the operation at Artanis's request. Once on the surface, Raynor and Taldarin were joined by terran troops defecting from Stukov, including a Skullder pilot. Additional help came by freeing Stukov's protoss prisoners.

Stukov was cornered and captured after heavy fighting.[22] The serum freed Stukov from the zerg long enough to escape with Raynor and Taldarin.[31] Stukov lamented the serum's effects.[32]

The protoss then burned Braxis' surface from orbit.[22]

Heart of the Swarm

"Let's recap—I was betrayed and killed, shot into space, captured by the zerg, resurrected and infested, cured, given to Moebius to research the protoss cure, and was instead experimented on as the cure slowly failed. Everyone up to speed? Good."

- Stukov narrates his experiences.(src)

Datapad Heroes Art1

A report on Stukov's condition

Stukov was given to the Moebius Foundation so they could research the protoss cure, but as it slowly failed, they experimented on him, resulting in him being re-infested.[21] Stukov was imprisoned by Doctor Emil Narud and the Dominion at Skygeirr Station.[33] Narud experimented on Stukov personally.[34]

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm that is ambiguously canonical.

While Narud experimented on him, Stukov told himself that it couldn't get worse. But then it did.[35]

Joining the Swarm

"You do not recognise me? I am Alexei Stukov. We were enemies once."
"Well, we both seem to be zerg now."
"Indeed, and we share a common goal: the destruction of this facility."

- Stukov introduces himself to Kerrigan(src)

KerriganStukov SC2-HotS Story1

Stukov meets Kerrigan

During the Second Great War, Stukov escaped and contacted Sarah Kerrigan, his former enemy, seeking revenge. He told her of his imprisonment and that the base was also used for breeding protoss/zerg hybrids.[33][36] The two worked together to defeat the Dominion garrison there[37] as well as the hybrids in the facility's lower levels.[25]

Despite this, not all was well. The hybrid dominators in the lab had tried to sap Kerrigan's energy, and she theorized that this was their purpose—to obtain psionic energy to be used to resurrect Amon, Narud's master. It would require a lot, but Stukov pointed out that when Kerrigan was de-infested at Char, all the power she'd wielded as the Queen of Blades had to go somewhere. If there were hybrids nearby when this had occurred, then Narud might have obtained all the psionic energy he needed to resurrect his master.[33][38]

The pair entered the bottom level, where Narud and a Tal'darim force loyal to him awaited. Narud fired a null zone at Kerrigan, one that she was able to keep at bay with her own psionic powers, but at the cost of her mobility. Stukov led the zerg on the field of battle, defeating the Tal'darim and deactivating xel'naga temples that were feeding Narud's power. With the deactivation of these temples, Kerrigan was able to incapacitate Narud[39] and go on to kill him.[40]

KerriganStukov SC2-HotS Story3

Stukov agrees to stay with the Swarm

With Narud dead and the lab destroyed, Stukov had achieved his vengeance. He'd assumed that Kerrigan would kill him once the battle was over, but she was willing to let him go his own way. As Stukov pointed out though, there was nowhere he could go, given his status as an infested terran. Kerrigan offered him a place in the Swarm until he made up his mind, which he accepted.[33][41]

As the leviathan prepared to leave however, Stukov could see that something was wrong. Kerrigan revealed that through her battle with Narud, she'd discovered that Amon had indeed been resurrected, only she did not know where he was. She would take the Swarm to face him, but only after tying up some remaining loose ends in the Koprulu sector.[42]

Searching for Raynor

Plot branch : Stukov is with Kerrigan when she searches for Jim Raynor
"When I see the stars arrayed before me like this, I think of Earth. I remember its green hills."
"You can't go home again."
"I know. I have no place on Earth now."
"I mean I won't let you."

- Stukov and Kerrigan discuss the prospects of Stukov returning to Earth(src)

Raynor was held captive by the Dominion. Kerrigan sought to free him and enlisted Raynor's Raiders to find him.[43] Stukov and Kerrigan conversed about Earth as the Swarm waited. While he remembered Earth fondly, Stukov knew he could not return home; also, Kerrigan would prevent any attempt to avoid drawing the attention of the UED. Both agreed that the UED would eventually return to the Sector.[33][44]

Plot branch ends here

A Return to Korhal

"Here you are, at the enemy's doorstep. It is almost over."
"I don't think it will be that simple. It never is with Arcturus. He thinks around you, that one. He knows where you'll walk before you do."
"But you've been part of so many of his plans—as accomplice or victim. I am sure you learned a trick or two, yes?"
"I did. We'll find out very soon if I was a good student."

- Stukov and Kerrigan discussing the invasion of Korhal(src)

Intent on taking vengeance against Mengsk, Kerrigan brought the zerg to invade Korhal. Once again, Stukov found himself in a command position in regards to assaulting the Dominion throne world, only this time with the Swarm rather than the UED.[33][45]

ZagaraStukov SC2-HotS Story1

Stukov reports on the Psi Destroyer

The opening attack went to the zerg's favor, as they were able to establish a beachhead on the surface and destroy Korhal's orbital defenses from below.[46] Kerrigan cautioned Stukov that they shouldn't be overconfident, that Mengsk was a suave tactician and would have something up his sleeve.[33][47] That turned out to be the Psi Destroyer, its field ripping apart zerg through their hivemind connection. Its deployment coincided with a Dominion counterattack, intended to keep them pre-occupied from the device. Kerrigan assigned Broodmother Zagara command of the Swarm and to hold the center, while she assigned Stukov to screen Zagara's flanks. Kerrigan meanwhile went with Dehaka to destroy the device, in which she succeeded.[48]

KerriganStukov SC2-HotS Story2

Last discussions

Finally, all that was left to do was to make a final assault on Mengsk's palace. Before the assault, Kerrigan confided with Stukov, telling him that if she succeeded in killing Mengsk, she would take the Swarm to confront Amon, even though it was a fight that she did not believe she could win. With the only other option being to bow to the inevitable however, fighting was the only choice to make, an assertion that Stukov agreed with, and told Kerrigan that he would stick with her to the end.[33][49]

The attack was launched. Kerrigan led her forces into the fray, while Stukov, Zagara, and Dehaka attacked the defending force's flanks. However, the defending flank forces were well entrenched, and none of the zerg attacking them were able to break through.[50]

Plot branch : Kerrigan clears the flanks

Kerrigan's zerg attacked the entrenched positions from the rear, clearing them out. The way clear, Stukov led a force of infested terrans into the fray.[50]

Plot branch ends here

Ultimately, the attack was successful,[50] and Mengsk was killed. With that, the Swarm departed to find and confront Amon.[51]

End War

AlliedCommanders SC2-LotV Art1

This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

AlexeiStukov SC2-LotV Art2

Stukov commands zerg forces

Alongside fellow commanders, Stukov commanded infested terran forces during the End War.[52]

Into the Void

"Hello, Duran. Do you remember what you did to me?"
"Stukov...You've come to gloat, haven't you."
"No. I've come to say goodnight, you son of a bitch."

- Narud and Stukov's final exchange(src)

StukovNarud SC2-LotV Game1

Stukov confronts Narud

Stukov was among Kerrigan's forces that she led into the Void in the final stages of the End War. Within the Void, he found Narud, revealed as a xel'naga. Narud assumed that Stukov was there to gloat. However, Stukov was there to exact revenge for his death, and in an inverse of their confrontation six years ago, he personally slew Narud for good.[53]


The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm that is ambiguously canonical.

"My allegiance was to Kerrigan. Not to you."

- Stukov to Zagara(src)

At some point after the End War, Stukov left the Swarm, which came under the rule of Overqueen Zagara. While he had some personal allegiance to Kerrigan, that allegiance did not extend to the Swarm as a whole.[35]

Game Unit


Stukov appears as a hero unit in "Patriot's Blood," "Deception," and "Resurrection IV." In all but the last instance, he is an NPC hero.

StarCraft II

For the Heart of the Swarm hero unit, see: Alexei Stukov (StarCraft II).
For the commander in Co-op Missions, see: Alexei Stukov (Co-op Missions).
See StarCraft II Alexei Stukov Quotations

Stukov is playable as a hero unit in the mission "Phantoms of the Void," an NPC hero in "Into the Void" and a commander in Co-op Missions.

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes DevLog2

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm and is not canon to StarCraft continuity

Alexei Stukov is a playable hero in Heroes of the Storm.[54]

Personality and Traits

"I'd be more nihilistic if I wasn't so fatalistic."

- Stukov(src)

AlexeiStukov SC1 CineBWIntro1

Stukov attends to his "duties"

As a human, Stukov enjoyed smoking and vodka,[6] and in infested form, sometimes missed the latter. He speaks with a Russian accent. As a child, he enjoyed horror stories.[21] Despite the two men being on opposing sides during the Brood War, Jim Raynor considered Stukov to be an honorable man.[22] As a UED naval officer, Stukov was highly professional, and completely dedicated to carrying out the mission of the Expeditionary Fleet. He was unfailingly loyal to his best friend and superior, Admiral Gerard DuGalle, but was willing to disobey DuGalle when Samir Duran led DuGalle astray.[14]

As an infested terran under Kaloth, Stukov appeared to embrace his position to a degree.[22] After his initial de-infestation and the subsequent return of the condition, Stukov displayed a more fatalistic outlook on his position, believing that he had no place other than in the Swarm, as no one else would accept what he had become.[33][41]

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm that is ambiguously canonical.

Stukov has indicated some lingering loyalty to the UED, even in his infested state. He has called himself a traitor, along with other former fleet members. He has expressed confidence and/or hope that the UED will return to the sector. He dislikes Abathur, and his role in the Swarm was from personal allegiance to Kerrigan, rather than the Swarm as a whole. He has expressed disdain for the protoss and terrans of the Koprulu sector, seeing the former as being inclined towards "indulgent speeches," and the latter as "backwater peasants." He also dislikes siege tanks.[35]


"The experiment's unique condition continues to display extensive regenerative properties causing wounds and even limbs to recover quickly. An unforeseen side effect of the infestation is a unique pathogen that spreads quickly."
AlexeiStukov Heroes Art2

Stukov above Char

As a human, Stukov was considered to be a brilliant tactician by his peers.[3] It was an assessment that Kerrigan shared, considering Stukov to be "twice the man" that DuGalle was.[20]

In infested form, Stukov possessed psionic abilities, along with a corrosive projectile attack.[39] Unlike most infested terrans, he retained his intelligence, his mind closed off from the rest of the zerg hivemind (at least after his initial de-infestation).[55][56] In his second infested form, Abathur rated Stukov as being only second to the Primal Queen of Blades. However, Stukov was a product of a specific design, and the interweaving of terran and zerg genetic material was on a level that not even Abathur was capable of.[57][56]

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm that is ambiguously canonical.

Stukov's infested state grants him regenerative properties, allowing him to heal wounds and even regrow limbs quickly. The infestation gave him a fast-spreading pathogen that can quickly lead to contamination.[58] He also has the ability to grow his infested arm, though it causes him a large amount of pain.[35]


AlexeiStukov SC2-LotV Art21

Stukov's infested form

  • Alexei Stukov's apparent age varies between the American and German versions of StarCraft: Brood War. In the American version, Stukov was fifty-two years old when the Brood War started,[3] giving him a year of birth of 2448. However, in the UED Victory Report, he was reported to have been born and died in the year 822[5] (suggesting he was less than a year old, clearly an inaccuracy). In the German version of Brood War, Stukov was born in June 822 and died in April 872, giving him an age of 50,[59] which does not quite agree with the Brood War manual.
  • A character bearing similarity to Alexei Stukov, Alexi Barov, can be found in World of Warcraft. Barov died and arose as a Forsaken, increasing the similarity.
  • Blizzard Entertainment posted "StarCraft Trivia" question-ads on the interface during 2000-2001, such as: "How many sons does Stukov have?" or "Who was infested and brought back to life"?.[60]
  • Stukov did not appear in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty as the zerg component was deemed to be already complicated enough.[61]
  • Dehaka was matched against Stukov on the StarCraft Twitter. 57% of voters claimed that Stukov would win.[62]
  • In the 2013–2018 period, Stukov's article was the seventh most visited page on the wiki.[63]
  • Stukov is the only StarCraft character to be killed, come back, and personally avenge their own death.


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