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"Alexei Stukov returns to battle once again with his vile infested army. Stukov combines the strengths of the Terran and Zerg races to command an overwhelming horde supported by machines with mutated powers that defy the limits of normal technology."

- Commander blurb(src)

Alexei Stukov is an infested terran commander for Co-op Missions. He is an infestation specialist, who can send wave after wave of infested terrans at his enemies while supporting them with infested vehicles.[1] He is the mode's first hybrid-type commander, combining elements of the terran and zerg arsenal.[2]

Stukov does not appear on the battlefield as a hero, but controls his army with global abilities.[1] His units include infested colonists, volatile infested, infested marines, infested troopers, infested siege tanks, infested diamondbacks, infested banshees, infested liberators, brood queens and infested bunkers. His abilities include the ability to control his waves of infested terrans with psi emitters, infest allied and enemy structures, the ability to call down the infested battlecruiser Aleksander, and the ability to summon a creature known as an apocalisk.[3] His playstyle has been described as more passive than other commanders, where the player will be pushing alongside waves of infested.[2] His structures are built by SCVs, but can walk, uproot, and produce multiple units at a time.[4][3]


"At least my army has prior experience with dying."

- Stukov(src)


  • Recommended for experienced players
  • Overwhelm the enemy with hordes of infested forces
  • Command a twisted army with the strengths of both Terran and Zerg


Power Set 1
Volatile Infested Spawn Chance: +0.5% – +15%
Infested Structure Cooldown: -1 sec – -30 sec
Power Set 2
Aleksander Cooldown: -2 sec – -60 sec (down to a minimum of 300 sec)
Apocalisk Cooldown: -3 sec – -90 sec (down to a minimum of 210 sec)
  • (Neither of thoses affect the initial cooldown at the start of the mission.)
Power Set 3
Infested Infantry Duration: +1 sec – +30 sec (up to a maxiimum of 120 sec)
Mech Attack Speed: +1% – +30%

Calldown Abilities

PsiEmitter SC2-LotV Icon1
Deploy Psi Emitter

Sends all currently existing and newly constructed infested infantry units to the designated point.

Available as a calldown, also as the rally command for the infested colonist compound, infested barracks and infested bunker.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Initially available
Lvl2HostileIncubation Sc2Game1
Infest Structure

Infests target friendly structure, causing it to spawn 60 broodlings and restoring 25 life per second over 20 seconds.

Hostile Incubation: Infest Structure can up store 3 charges and infests target enemy structure, causing it to spawn 60 broodlings and disabling this functions over 20 seconds.

Duration 20Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 90Time SC2 Game1
Mastery: -1.5Time SC2 Game1 per Infested Structure Cooldown mastery point. Down to a minimum 45Time SC2 Game1
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Initially available
Lvl4Apocylisk Sc2Game1

Spawns an apocalisk with massive health, cleaving attacks, a charge ability, and anti-air weaponry. Deals 150 damage to units in a radius of 2 on spawn.

Incendiary Prosthetics: increases the Apocalisk's initial spawn area damage from 150 to 300.

Cooldown 300 (Initial cooldown=240)Time SC2 Game1
Mastery: -3Time SC2 Game1 per Apocalisk Cooldown mastery point. Down to a minimum 210 (Initial cooldown=240)Time SC2 Game1
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 4
Lvl10Aleksander Sc2Game1

Calls down the Aleksander infested battlecruiser at the target location. Launches infested civilian bombs and can spawn and reduced takin damage on nearby friendly units.

Neural Infestation: Aleksander can mind controls air units with its attacks.

Duration 60Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 360 (Initial cooldown=360)Time SC2 Game1
Mastery: -3Time SC2 Game1 per Aleksander Cooldown mastery point. Down to a minimum 270 (Initial cooldown=360)Time SC2 Game1
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 10


Stukov's structures produce units via "charges." Most structures have a maximum of 5 charges, which are similar to larvae but are not separate targetable units visible to other players. An infested command center has 5 charges, and the player could create four drones and one overlord, for instance, using up all 5 charges. When the charge is spent, an "infested cocoon" is produced around the structure, and after the "build" time hatches into the appropriate unit. Charges come back one at a time.

The infested barracks produces 10 charges initially, and 20 charges upon reaching level 6.

Army Composition

Units and Structures

Stukov has access to the following units and structures:

Icon Unit Details Production Base Statistics:
Infested civilian and Volatile infested General-purpose infested infantry.
(There is a probability of spawning Volatile Infested through the use of the Mastery)

Can attack ground units.

ZergSupply SC2 Icon1
per Infested Civilian/Volatile Infested
Life: 35 / Armor: 0

Damage(Civilian): 8
AS: 1.2 / Range: 0.1 (melee)
Damage(Volatile): 40 (+40 vs Structures)
AS: single use / Range: 0.1 (melee)

MS: 1.25

CoopInfestedMarineIcon Infested marine and Infested trooper General-purpose infested infantry.

Can attack ground and air units.

25 (Infested marines only) Minerals Terran SC1 1 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1 Life: 50 / Armor: 0

Damage: 6
AS: 0.61 / Range: 5

MS: 1.75

CoopInfestedDiamondbackIcon Infested diamondback Fast, high damage hovertank. Can attack while moving and can bring flying units to the ground.

Can attack ground units.

225 Minerals Terran SC1 100 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 3 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1 Life: 250 / Armor: 1

Damage: 20 (+10 vs Armored)
AS: 1 / Range: 7

MS: 3.375

CoopInfestedSiegeTankIcon Infested siege tank Heavy tank. Can root itself to provide long-range artillery support by consuming infested infantry units.

Can attack ground units.

200 Minerals Terran SC1 100 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 3 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1 Life: 200 / Armor: 1

Damage(Tank): 25
AS: 1.85 / Range: 7
Damage(Siege): 40
AS: 3 / Range: 2-18

MS: 2.25

CoopInfestedLiberatorIcon Infested liberator Artillery fighter. Attacks deal area damage to enemy air units.

Can attack air units.

150 Minerals Terran SC1 150 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 3 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1 Life: 180 / Armor: 0

Damage: 10 (x5)
AS: 6 / Range: 5

MS: 3.375

CoopInfestedBansheeIcon Infested banshee Tactical-strike aircraft. Can cloak and can be upgraded to burrow.

Can attack ground units.

150 Minerals Terran SC1 100 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 3 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1 Life: 140 / Armor: 0

Damage: 12 (x2)
AS: 1.25 / Range: 6

MS: 2.75

CoopSwarmQueenIcon Brood queen Flying support unit. Can use Ocular Symbiote and Spawn Broodlings.
Can attack air units.

(Unlocks at level 8)

100 Minerals Terran SC1 100 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 2 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1 Life: 120 / Armor: 0

Damage: 10
AS: 1.5 / Range: 6

MS: 2.5

Icon Zerg Overseer Overseer Advanced aerial observer. Maintains the unit cap set by the Overlord 50 Minerals Terran SC1 50 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 Provides 8 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1 Life: 200 / Armor: 1

MS: 2.62



Infested bunker Defensive structure. Periodically spawns infested troopers that fight from inside. Acts as a mobile ground transport while uprooted.

Can attack ground units.

300 Minerals Terran SC1 4 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1 Life: 400 / Armor: 1

Damage: 20
AS: 1.72 / Range: 1 (melee)

MS: 1 (2.5 on Creep)

InfestedMissile Coop Game1 Infested missile turret Anti-air defensive structure.

Can attack air units.

100 Minerals Terran SC1  Life: 250 / Armor: 1

Damage: 12 (x2)
AS: 0.86 / Range: 7

MS: 1.4

Talent Progression

Stukov acquires the following talents as he levels up.

Lvl1Infestation Sc2Game1

Stukov begins with an Infested Colonist Compound that automatically generates Infested infantry units every 60 seconds at no cost.

Stukov’s Infested Commander Center generates creep at an accelerated rate and unlimited range.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Initially unlocked
Lvl2HostileIncubation Sc2Game1
Hostile Incubation

Infest Structure can now store two additional changes and can target enemy structures, disabling them in addition to spawning Broodlings.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 2
Lvl3Epdemic Sc2Game1

Unlocks an additional level of Infestation at the Infested Colonist Compound. Also unlocks an upgrade at the Infested Command Center to increase the number of Broodlings spawned by Infest Structure by 50%.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 3
Lvl4Apocylisk Sc2Game1

Unlocks the ability to spawn an Apocalisk at the target location. The Apocalisk is controllable and will fight for 60 seconds.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 4
Lvl5InfestedEngBayCache Sc2Game1
Infested Engineering Bay Upgrade Cache

Unlocks the following upgrades at the Infested Engineering Bay:

  • Increase the armor of Infested Bunkers.
  • Increase the life regeneration rate of Infested Bunkers while they are rooted.
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 5
Lvl6CorruptedConcription Sc2Game1
Corrupted Conscription

Spawn Infested Marine can now store additional charges and spawn faster. (Stores 10 charges and spawns in 5 seconds.)

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 6
Lvl7InfestedInfantryCache Sc2Game1
Infested Infantry Upgrade Cache

Unlocks an upgrade at the Infested Colonist Compound that spawns Broodlings when Infested Civilians die. Unlocks an upgrade at the Infested Barracks Tech Lab that enables Infested Marines and Infested Troopers to deal additional damage over time to units they attack.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 7
Lvl8BroodQueen Sc2Game1
New Unit: Brood Queen

Flying support unit. Can use Ocular Symbiote and Spawn Broodlings.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 8
Lvl9FactoryCache Sc2Game1
Infested Factory Upgraded Cache

Unlocks the following upgrades at the Infested Factory Tech Lab:

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 9

Unlocks the ability to call down the Aleksander at the target location. The Aleksander is controllable and will fight for 60 seconds.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 10
Lvl11StarportCache Sc2Game1
Infested Starport Upgrade Cache

Unlocks the following upgrades at the Infested Starport Tech Lab:

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 11
Lvl12IncindaryProstetics Sc2Game1
Incendiary Prosthetics

Increases the area damage dealt by the Apocalisk’s attacks and its initial spawn by 100%.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 12
Lvl13BroodQueenCache Sc2Game1
Brood Queen Upgrade Cache

Unlocks the following upgrade at the Infested Starport Tech Lab:

  • Increase the Brood Queen’s energy regeneration rate by 100% and allow it to spawn with full energy.
  • Enable Brood Queens to immobilize and reveal enemy ground units while dealing damage to them over time.
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 13
Lvl14EngorgedBunker Sc2Game1
Engorged Bunkers

Increases the number of units that Infested Bunkers can hold by 2, and increases the spawning rate of Infested Troopers by 20%.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 14
Lvl15NeuralInfestation Sc2Game1
Neural Infestation

Stukov gains control of enemy units who are under attack from the Aleksander’s tentacles.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stukov Level 15


Stukov functions very differently from most commanders. The core of his army is waves of disposable infested with a timed life. These infested are extremely powerful when used correctly, and can wear down enemy defenses steadily while covering for more durable units. He requires a very different mentality, rather than building a core army Stukov must time his waves of infested marines to clash with attack waves or objectives. Stukov can also support these waves with mech and air options, as well as powerful calldowns.

Recommended masteries

Power Set 1: Volatile Infested Spawn Chance

Volatile Infested Spawn Chance: +0.5% - +15%
Volatile infested drastically increase the power of infested colonist spawn waves, allowing them to clear out waves of clumped up enemies easier and dealing high damage to static defense.

Power Set 2: Apocalisk Cooldown

☀Apocalisk Cooldown: -3 sec - - 90 sec

Apocalisk now becomes the core member of your army. With such short cooldown, it can clear up almost every enemy attack waves.

Power Set 3: Infested Infantry Duration

☀Infested Infantry Duration: +1 sec - +30 sec
Increasing the duration of infantry allows for longer pushes across greater distances, and increases the effectiveness of Stukov's core army.

The Meaning of Sacrifice

The backbone of Stukov's forces comes from the waves of infested that spawn from his infested colonist hut. This will be the backbone of his army through the mid-game, and serve as a buffer for some of his more fragile but higher damage units. One strategy for late game armies is waves of infested supported by uprooted bunkers. As such, it is important to prioritize getting the infestation upgrades from the infested colonist huts, which greatly increase the number of infested that push per wave. Infested troopers also do very high damage and are by far Stukov's most reliable anti-air unit, especially when massed. As such, mass infantry serves as the most reliable strategy for Stukov on higher difficulties.

However, the downside is this strategy very mineral heavy, and requires the player push in waves. Timing your push with your colony wave is crucial. Due to their timed life, on most maps it is important that bunkers and the infested colonist hut be uprooted and moved near the frontlines in order to ensure that most of their timed life is not wasted in transit.

The Greatest Military Technology

Most maps can be won with massed infested pushing in waves against enemy fortifications. However, Stukov also has a good number of other options from his factory and starport in order to form more reliable forces to aid him in battle. Stukov's diamondbacks fire a sustained stream of damage and can be microed to fire on the move. However, their most useful feature is the ability to root air units to the ground, allowing them to be attacked by ground attackers with ease. However, this does not impact heroic units such as hybrid nemesises, or shuttles on "Void Launch", and thus they serve as more of a support anti-air option than actual reliable anti-air. Stukov's infested siege tanks also serve as valuable and reliable damage for infested waves, especially after they gain the ability to generate infested. Their recharge is slow however, meaning they cannot force an attack reliably on their own, but their high damage can help with both massed enemies and priority targets such as hybrid, especially after their upgrade to damage armored targets is researched.

Stukov's starport also has some interesting, yet niche options. Infested liberators can do heavy damage against heavy air units, but have a extremely slow rate of fire and do not have the anti-ground transformation of their terran counterpart. In addition, even with their dispersal upgrade, liberators are very fragile and cannot stand up to most massed air. Infested banshees can be valuable against priority targets, and do high damage. However, they too are fragile, and only with intense micro is their ability to burrow and heal a viable option. Brood queens serve as an interesting support option, and with proper micro can be used to spawn broodlings on priority non-massive targets like siege tanks or liberators. Fungal growth also serves to support infested waves. However, as spellcasters they are targeted by the AI first, meaning they cannot be lazily brought with the army without being focused down.

Bulwark of the Dead

In spite of his wave-like mentality of using temporary units, Stukov also shines in defensive situations. This is due to the mobility of his structures, which can uproot and root anywhere where there is creep, which will slowly begin to move over the entire map. In addition to bunkers and the colonist compound, Stukov has access to infested marines from his barracks. These are identical to infested troopers, but cost minerals and supply for an extra few seconds of being alive. Due to their free generation the ability of the bunker to shield them from damage, the troopers for the bunkers serve as a more reliable attack force. Nonetheless, infested barracks can be useful when a mission is nearing its end and you need a burst of infested.

In addition, infest structure is a very important tool when playing defense as Stukov. After leveling it up, it can be used both offensively and defensively, but can tie up attack waves with large numbers of free units, allowing the player or their ally time to attack the enemy unmolested. It also allows the structure that has been infested regeneration, and as such allows damaged structures or static defenses under fire to be sustained in the fight. This can also be used on Stukov's defenses, as they will likely be mobile and close to the front line.

The Best of Both Worlds

As Stukov is leveled up, he will gain access to two valuable tools to help him with his map presence, the apocalisk and the Aleksander. Both of these are global abilities that can be used to push back waves, support attack waves, or weaken defenses. The apocalisk is slow, but powerful against both air and ground targets. When it spawns, it does initial damage and stuns targets around its spawning location, so attempt to spawn it on top of enemies. It has an area of effect air attack with a recharge time, and does high damage to ground units. It alone can solo most attack waves, but beware as units such as immortals can do heavy damage to it.

The Aleksander is Stukov's second cooldown, and spawns an infested battlecruiser. This will spawn waves of infested terrans at ground targets, which include colonists, infested troopers, and if upgraded with mastery, volatile infested. The Aleksander also shoots infested tentacles at air targets, doing high damage over time to those units impacted. At level 15, these tentacles will mind control all non-heroic units they are attached to, including colossi. The effect expires when the units die and the tentacles still deal damage to whatever they attack. In addition, all allied units under the orange ring around the Aleksander take 20% less damage from all sources, adding to its effectiveness in pushes. After its times life is up or its health is depleted, the Aleksander will crash, dealing 300 damage to all enemies beneath it, and will continue spawning infested for about 20 seconds. This allows the Aleksander to be effective at controlling an area and completely shutting down most air compositions.


Protoss Commanders

Note that all protoss commanders can use their Nexus' Chrono Boost on Stukov's infested compound to increase the frequency of the infested civilian waves.

Artanis and Stukov have relatively minimal synergy, as Artanis's guardian shell ability does not apply to his temporary infested. However, Artanis can aid in Stukov's relative lack of reliable early game anti-air with dragoons. Shield overcharge meanwhile can help with large pushes of infested, especially with facing area of effect attackers such as reavers and disruptors.

Vorazun and Stukov struggle to gain traction in the early game due to their slower armies and lack of anti-air, their late game armies complement each other well. Use calldown abilities to survive the early game, such as infest structure and shadow guard. Stukov's infested marines can benefit from being under a strategically placed dark pylon, gaining Vorazun's passive damage boost to cloaked units, which also makes infested banshees more viable. Both have high damage calldowns that allow for a strong presence on the map, and the ability to clear out enemy attacks that blindside the players or weaken enemy defenses. Time stop can help the infested waves get through heavy defenses and into the enemy line before they can fire their initial attacks.

Karax and Stukov work well together, especially on more passive maps such as Void Launch. Stukov's forces can push down defenses while Karax establishes static defenses near his structures, especially forward bases near objectives. Stukov meanwhile can aid in defense with his infest structure ability. Karax's reconstruction beam also helps repair Stukov's mechanical units, including his apocalisk and the Aleksander. Additionally, Chrono Wave and Chrono Field can further aid in enhancing the efficiency of Stukov's infested compound alongside Chrono Boost, dramatically increase the frequency of Stukov's waves of infested civilians.

Alarak and Stukov are quite possibly the most synergetic protoss/zerg partnership. Infested diamondbacks' fungal snare can bring air units down into the reach of Alarak's supplicants and vanguards and Stukov's infested infantry provides plenty of fuel for empower me. Stukov's late detection options are no longer a problem thanks to havocs, which will also increase the longevity and effectiveness of infested marines and troopers with squad sight and force fields. In addition, structure overcharge can be used on Stukov's forward structures, especially the infested bunker so that it will be able to attack any target and, with a fully mastered Alarak, absorb well over 1500 damage, or combined with infest structure for a reasonably solid defense; infest structure still functions even when the bunker is uprooted before it times out, allowing for even more offensive power. For late game anti-air, infested liberators can relieve the pressure from slayers and wrathwalkers quite a bit. Brood queens can make broodlings out of enemy capital flyers and allow ascendants to focus their mind blasts on hybrids and shuttles. Fungal growth will allow psionic orbs and vanguards to hit more targets reliably. Also, the relatively low health of the death fleet is improved a good bit by the Aleksander's infested swarm trait and mind control over air units on top of its own infested marine bombs running interference.

Fenix and Stukov cover for each other very well in spite of very little direct synergy. Fenix's army is fragile and requires a force to screen for them, which Stukov's infested excel at. His infested marines also provide reliable anti-air in the mid game, while Fenix can provide heavy damage against bigger targets like hybrid and burst with his solarite dragoon. Stukov's calldowns also allow for less of a need for Fenix to fall back to defend his base, while Fenix can recall around the map to best hit where the enemy is weakest or move to aid Stukov's attack waves. Infest structure also covers for a lot of Fenix's weaknesses in reliable static defense.

Terran Commanders

Raynor and Stukov work well together. Stukov's waves of infested can serve as a buffer for Raynor's infantry forces. Medics can heal infested, while this has relatively minimal use on Stukov's infantry due to their timed life, Stukov's "mech" units and structures are also biological. Marines meanwhile aid in Stukov's lack of reliable early game anti air.

Swann and Stukov have some synergy, and the two complement each other well in terms of army composition. While most reliable infantry-base strategies from Stukov do not benefit from Swann's vespene drones, his forces can help buffer Swann's more static siege tank line, and can take the brunt of attacks while Swann's more valuable units dish out damage. Infest structure is also helpful in this regard, sending in waves of broodlings to tie up forces and keep them at arm's length from Swann. The snare from infested diamondbacks can complement more anti-ground compositions such as thors and siege tanks, and many of Stukov's support units can be repaired by Swann's science vessels. On defense maps, Stukov's infested bunkers can help serve as reliable, mobile and powerful static defense to hold along Swann's siege tanks.

Nova and Stukov compliment each other fantastically in spite of functioning as exact opposites. As with most terran commanders, Stukov can help form a buffer from Nova's high damage units, while Nova's army can take out key area of effect targets that may deal heavy damage to Stukov's forces. Nova and her elite marines can serve as the early game anti-air Stukov lacks while infest structure can aid in early game attacks. Nova's mobility with her Griffin transportation can allow her to take key targets while Stukov pushes using waves of infested, while the apocalisk and the Aleksander can aid in pressuring key targets or supporting a position Nova is struggling to take. Finally, Nova can provide early-game mobile detection, one of Stukov's biggest weak points.

Han and Horner and Stukov are an interesting composition. On defensive maps Stukov’s bunkers work fantastic with widow mines and mag mines, creating an unbreakable defensive line. Stukov’s endless waves of infested suffer the same weakness as Han’s mercenary units where they lose to heavy area damage, but the melee infested colonists do tie up most armies, allowing Han to deliver the damage she needs. Refitted sovereign battlecruisers can also deal with heavier targets like hybrids, dealing high burst damage to Stukov’s massed small amounts of damage.

Zerg Commanders

Kerrigan and Stukov complement each other immensely well. Stukov's infinite creep mixed with Kerrigan's malignant creep ability mean both armies will almost always be fighting on favorable terms with quick mobility. Kerrigan herself is able to solo most early-to-mid game armies, and Stukov's infested and infest structure can help in positions before Kerrigan has spawned. Stukov's mass infested strategy involves a large number of minerals, which Kerrigan can provide with her assimilation ability. Stukov's massive number of units can pressure objectives with the support of Kerrigan while she transitions into a late game army.

Zagara and Stukov benefit the least of any of the zerg commanders, though they do have some synergy. As always, Stukov's infinite creep benefit's Zagara's units and means she does not need to focus on creep spread. However, their large disposable armies often do not complement one another, especially after Stukov is able to get volatile infested that overlap with Zagara's banelings. Fortunately, in the early game Zagara can cover anti-air with her Spawn Hunter Killer ability. Zagara's frenzy ability allows her to aid in large infested pushes, and in the late game large numbers of infested marines allow Zagara to focus on a more anti-ground force. If the Zagara player spends most gas towards bile launchers on defensive maps instead of banelings and scourges, they can compliment infested bunkers very well.

Abathur gains great benefit from Stukov's infinite creep. Stukov's disposable units also allow for Abathur to protect some of his higher profile units, and collect biomass without the risk of losing units close to achieving their maximum. However, both struggle with early game anti-air, and may have to rely heavier on early game queens or infested marines. Abathur's mass heal can also benefit infested pushes, giving them slightly more survivability as they engage the enemy. In the late game, Abathur can push with a massive balanced army of heavy units while Stukov can tie up enemies with his infested civilians and marines.

Dehaka and Stukov are extremely powerful together. While he does not benefit from Stukov’s creep, the infested serve as a barrier that either block for Dehaka’s units or overwhelm the enemy as Dehaka and his army tanks damage for them. Stukov also covers for Dehaka’s lack of reliable defense on maps like “Night of the Dead,” meanwhile aiding Dehaka’s pushes with his endless waves of infested. The calldowns of both have extremely long cooldowns, however, although Stukov’s infestation can be relied on for early to mid-game defense. Dehaka's devour can also take out heavy targets like hybrid or area-of-effect attackers like reavers or siege tanks that would normally rip apart Stukov's attack waves.



ShortTermInfestment SC2AchiveImage Short Term Infestment

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Spawn 5,000 Infested Marines in Co-op Missions.

BroodofyourOwn SC2AchiveImage A Brood of Your Own

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Deal 10,000 damage to enemies with Broodlings spawned from allied buildings in Co-op Missions.

ApocliskNow SC2AchiveImage Apocalisk Now

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Deal 100,000 damage with Apocalisks in Co-op Missions.

StukovManuver SC2AchiveImage The Stukov Maneuver

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Deal 100,000 damage with the Aleksander in Co-op Missions.

Stukov SC2Portrait Monster Mash

20 Achievement SC2 Game1


Complete all the Commander Stukov achievements.

Stukov SC2Portrait Stukov portrait


Stukov5 SC2AchiveImage Stukov: Level 5

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Reach level 5 with Infested Admiral Stukov in Co-op Missions.

Stukov10 SC2AchiveImage Stukov: Level 10

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Reach level 10 with Infested Admiral Stukov in Co-op Missions.

Stukov15 SC2AchiveImage Stukov: Level 15

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Reach level 15 with Infested Admiral Stukov in Co-op Missions.



When designing Stukov, the first priority was to explore an "infested zombie theme," the idea of an endless stream of mindless units requiring minimal control. The focus was to bring in mechanics from both the zerg and terran races, such as unit and building properties.[3]

Part of the drive to release Stukov as a commander was an acknowledgement of the character's popularity within the fanbase.[2] He was revealed at BlizzCon 2016. By this stage he was playable, but still a work in progress.[1]

Data in the Galaxy Editor points to Stukov also having access to larva, drones, infested wraiths, evolution chambers, mutalisks and infested supply depots, as well as an Alexei Stukov hero unit similar to his campaign appearance in an early stage of development. Infested liberators appear to have originally been infested valkyries, and infested marines have an unused ability named infested stimpack. The infested barracks also appeared to operate similar to the infested colonist compound at some point in development, spawning marines for free in waves and having its own tiers of infestation upgrades. In addition, Stukov at some point was able to buff his own infested and his allies, as well as call down a "Monstrosity" to aid his forces. Voice lines imply that nerual parasite would be usable as a calldown rather than as an effect from the Aleksander, and that he would be able to call down drop pods of infested.[5]


Stukov can be obtained for free by those who purchase StarCraft: Remastered.[6]


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