Altara is a sparsely populated, backwater planet full of convicts and criminals, most of them centered around its single major town of Oasis. Most, if not all of the planet is barren, lifeless and rocky, with red dust floating through the air along with the smell of brimstone. Even from space, it appears as little more than a red speck among an ocean of stars.

An extensive cave system ran underneath the surface of the planet, with large chasms and passageways that had killed many terrans who had tried to explore it.[1]


In December, 2499, zerg forces were sighted at/near Altara. However, the planet apparently escaped purification.[1]

In the 2500s, terrazine was discovered on the planet near the town of Oasis. Rogue spectre agents of the Terran Dominion moved in and, using a disguised vespene gas refinery, began to harvest the gas. Ghost agent Kath Toom was sent to investigate the area for potential United Earth Directorate remnants, but was captured by spectres. Wrangler Malcolm Kelerchian was sent to find Toom, but contact was lost with him.

In 2503,[2][3][4] after the refinery exploded, a massive zerg force descended on the planet. In response, Agent Nova Terra and Nova Squadron were sent to the planet to recapture the wrangler and repel the zerg. Though heavy losses were sustained, Nova managed to rescue Kelerchian and cover the retreat of Nova Squadron when she used a mind blast to devastate the zerg lines. Ultimately, the world remained in Dominion hands and numerous ghosts were brought in to investigate the incident. While no sign of the UED terror cell was found, Agent Nova Terran discovered a Umojan Protectorate spy on the planet, and a strange psionic girl named Lila warned her of a Project Shadowblade, but the nature of what that meant was unknown to her.

After the Spectre Rebellion was destroyed, Nova stated she wished to return to Altara to find Lila.[1]


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