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Alternity: StarCraft Edition was an Alternity game system table-top roleplaying game set in Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft universe. It used much simpler "fast play" rules rather than the full Alternity rule set. It comes with three pamphlets, a GM's card, and a set of dice.

The Adventures[]

StarCraft Adventures

The adventure pamphlets has three very short linked adventures. The player characters are members of "the Alliance", a protoss and terran organization. General Jim Raynor is a member of the Alliance and gives orders to the characters. The adventures take place some time after the Brood War.

The heroes were sent to Dylar Station via the Sleepwalker (a cloaked and armed dropship). Dylar Station is a refueling depot and an outpost that the Alliance uses to spy on the coreward part of the Koprulu Sector, but now communications had been cut off. The people who worked there had been captured by the zerg, and the heroes had to rescue them. As it turned out, the zerg were studying strange ruins on the surface of the now-abandoned desert planet Dylar IV.

The heroes traveled to the ruins, which turned out to be an ancient protoss city. Unfortunately, it was guarded by a number of zerg and also ancient protoss sentinel robots. A week after solving some of the mysteries, a number of terrans built a base camp there in order to study the ruins, although the planet was to be turned over to the protoss. Two weeks later, the heroes were expected to attend a celebration, but this was interrupted by Miratix, a Dark Templar, and his companions. During the battle, Miratix stole an artifact, a Shockwave Inducer, from the ruins, which gave him powers similar to an archon. However, he was defeated by the heroes and left in a comatose state.

A few weeks after this, the ceremony for the handing over of the planet was held, only to be interrupted by the zerg. The heroes had to escort Alliance dignitaries Naganis and Jim Raynor to safety from zerg attacks. They successfully escaped and the zerg were defeated on and above the planet.

Characters in StarCraft Adventures[]

Player Characters[]

The following is a list of the heroes available to the players. Points may be spent after each adventure to upgrade their stats.

Non Player Characters[]

Web Content[]

Wizards of the Coast made additional web content available for StarCraft, specifically a list of weapons, armor and other equipment. The bonus material has been archived at

Canon Status[]

In 2012, Brian Kindregan stated that RPG products and mods are not canon.[1]

Eyonix, a former community manager for the World of Warcraft forums, responded to assertions that literature not directly produced by Blizzard, namely certain Warcraft RPG's, were not valid sources of lore:

Blizzard Logo1.gif Could you please stop with the RPG books?

by Eyonix

Any piece of literature authorized and licensed by Blizzard Entertainment is in-fact, official. The book series written by Richard A. Knaak in particular is an excellent example of real 'Azerothian' history and lore available outside of our game software. We work closely with authors that help us expand our game universe, and the material should be considered official.

In a more recent statement, a community developer said the Warcraft RPG products are not canon, although Blizzard generates some of their content and some ideas from the RPGs make their way into the game.[2]


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