Amdor was a protoss Judicator. He possessed an imposing figure and a gray complexion. His attire reflected his position, specifically deep purple robes, shoulder pads and ornate head gear.

Amdor possessed great pride in his race, viewing it as their duty to recover the glories of their civilization and those left behind by the xel'naga. For the Dark Templar however, he had nothing but contempt.


Amdor was dispatched with an expeditionary fleet alongside Executor Koronis to search for the dark templar and xel'naga artifacts. Amdor, Koronis and their fleet searched for decades to complete their objectives but found nothing, then found out that Aiur had been reduced to a smoldering ruin courtesy of the devastating war between protoss and zerg forces there, only to be saved by Executor Tassadar at the last moment. Despite his sacrifice, Amdor viewed Tassadar as a heretic for his consorting with the Dark Templar. At best, he had defeated the zerg and brought the Dark Templar into the fold to be eradicated. Amdor was eager to get back to Aiur to partake in the envisioned process and ordered Koronis to return. However, an energy source was picked up before this could happen.

The energy source was a recently unearthed xel'naga temple, activated by the terran colonists. Koronis erred towards caution, but Amdor dismissed any threat the colonists could have provided, seeing terrans as irrelevant in the greater scheme of things. However, a terran Alpha Squadron force and the sudden arrival of the zerg Kukulkan Brood demonstrated otherwise.

Amdor personally approached the temple with an escort. There he was approached by a Dark Templar scholar named Xerana. She tried to persuade him that the temple was dangerous, but was unsuccessful. Amdor ordered his forces to slay her, thinking slaying her was more important than entering the temple. She retaliated, however, causing a dam in the protoss' psionic links, causing confusion.

After Xerana's escape Amdor entered the temple. While he was within it was struck by a nuke, fully activating it. The temple absorbed all the beings within it, including Amdor.


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