"Your lessers are just that–your lessers. You treat them with anything other than the contempt they richly deserve and they'll turn on you. How do you think those awful rebels have gotten so pervasive? Nonsense like that, it'll be the death of us all."

- Andrea Tygore to Nova Terra(src)

Andrea Tygore was the matriarch of the Tygore Old Family.[1]


150 years old as of 2500 (likely going on 151), Tygore had not let age get to her socially, though was physically confined to a hoverchair. Often arriving late to formal occasions in order to make a grand entrance, she was a rather intimidating and condescending individual. She had a liking for Antigan buffalo meat, despite the hazards the meat presented to her health. This resulted in a heart attack, an interval of three months before her next public appearance occurring at the wedding of Clara Terra and Milo Kusinis.[1]

Antonia Tygore, Andrea's granddaughter, received her grandmothers locket prior to being sent to Tyrador IX along with the other Old Family heirs during the Great War.[2]


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