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Andrew Ballenger was the aide to former Dominion senator Corbin Phash of Maltair IV.

Phash's son, Colin, had psychic powers, which the senator took great pains to hide. However, the secret was revealed when the zerg invaded Maltair IV. The Phashes were the only survivors. Ballenger and Colin fled to prevent Colin from being inducted into the Ghost Program. He wouldn't let Colin contact his father, as that would reveal them to the Dominion. They barely avoided being captured at least once this way.

Ballenger moved Colin among refugee camps, and they posed as father and son. Ballenger used the services of a smuggler, "Mutt", to take them to Gohbus Moon where they took shelter in its refugee camp. They were being pursued by a wrangler, Randall, who learned that Ballenger had gone missing along with the Phashes. Randall forced Mutt to reveal Ballenger's location (on the grounds that Mutt would be more likely to remember the man than the boy) and tracked them down to their apartment building using captured zerglings. The creatures had been "lobotomized" to cut them off from the Zerg Swarm and wore explosive collars to prevent them from killing their handlers.

As Colin hid, Ballenger looked for danger, but was surprised and pistol-whipped into unconsciousness by Randall. As Randall sought Colin Ballenger awoke and electrocuted him with a stunner. As the fugitives tried to evade the zerg, Ballenger was killed by the tusk of a zergling and Colin captured by Dominion reapers.

Meanwhile, Randall awoke to find his electronic equipment damaged. This prevented him from detonating the collar on the zergling which killed him.[2]


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