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"'Hello, Dr. Forrest, I need something for this pain in the ass I'm experiencing.' Why the hell are we picking up a pharmacologist?"

- Tychus Findlay grouses about the "kidnap" job(src)

Dr. Andrew Forest was a terran pharmacologist. In his later years in the 2490s, he was tanned, healthy looking, had a "fine" chin and had soft, well-manicured hands.


Forrest worked for the Besske-Vrain & Stalz Pharmaceutical Corporation, where he invented utopia. It was originally a pain-killing drug, but it was extremely addictive and had potential as a recreational drug. To this end, Forrest got in touch with crime lord Scutter O'Banon, who sent Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay to extract him and the drug sample by posing as tour members. Afraid of being murdered, Forrest provided only an incomplete formula for utopia, as well as a sample of the drug, cuffed to his body by a case.

Forrest was prepared to go with them, but unfortunately for him, the pair had been marked for death by bounty hunter Ezekiel Daun, who sealed them in a room and turned off the lights. Forrest pounded at one of the doors, but was caught in the explosion that destroyed it, dismembering his body. During the battle with Daun, the duo wrested the case off his body.[1]


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