Angel Shipping is a corporate empire based in the Koprulu Sector. It is owned by the Angel family,[1] and aided in the shipping of supplies to the Terran Dominion frontline.[2]

During or shortly after the conflict with the United Earth Directorate, its heir, Jacqueline Angel, was killed on the lifeless world of New Trinidad due to extensive shelling from siege tanks operated by the New Trinidad Pirates on the space platform orbiting the world.

Angel Shipping retaliated by transferring large amounts of funds to local authorities, hiring mercenaries (in conjunction with the Terran Dominion) to destroy the Pirates.[1]

MercSupplyDepot SC2SkinImage

Angel Shipping supply depot

After the death of their heir apparent, Angel Shipping resurfaced as a shipping company. Its shipments were guaranteed to arrive on the frontlines ahead of schedule and under budget. They were known to use specialized supply depots.[2]


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