Anthem Base was an isolated mining town located on the planet of Mar Sara, located in the Hinterland. It consisted of around a dozen wooden buildings, including a claims office, assayer's office, two-story tavern and at least two residences. It was such isolation that led to its downfall, the zerg attacking the town and slaughtering its inhabitants. They quickly established themselves, creep spreading into the buildings and pits established underneath the structures.

A few days after the attack, UNN reporter Michael Liberty and Alpha Squadron marine Lieutenant Emily Swallow entered the town, finding it completely bereft of life. Eventually, Swallow located the inhabitants, or rather, what was left of them. Unfortunately, the zerg found them too; the pair found themselves under attack by zerglings and a hydralisk. Running into the surveyor office, Swallow managed to hold the zerglings at bay, though the pair realized that the zerg had trapped them. It was at this point that the floor gave way, the extent of the zerg pits being revealed. Swallow was dragged in and killed, though Liberty made it outside, saved from the hydralisk by Marshal Jim Raynor. Introductions given, Raynor leveled the buildings with his vulture before the pair sped off, leaving the town a smoking ruin.


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