"I heard there was a cure. Then I heard there wasn't. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS."

- A Dominion marine on anti-zerg nanites(src)

Anti-zerg nanites are a form of advanced nano-technology. They are used to sever infested terrans from the Zerg Swarm and some versions can even temporarily reverse the infestation process.

Terran ExperimentsEdit

The AllianceEdit

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The following article or section contains lore from the StarCraft RPG, which is not regarded as canon. Elements may be regarded as 'flavor lore' however.


A mutate

Terran experiments with a captured zerg brood resulted in the creation of mutates such as Sistask, who became a member of the Alliance. Nanites were used to keep the mutates' violent impulses in check... barely.[1]

Protoss ExperimentsEdit

The protoss had devised a "radical nanotech serum" which could reverse the infestation process. After the Brood War, Artanis summoned his terran ally, Jim Raynor, to help solve a problem. Their old adversary, Alexei Stukov, had been resurrected by a zerg cerebrate, Kaloth, and had returned to the world of Braxis. Raynor and his small force were given samples of the serum to inject Stukov with, in order to return Stukov to normal. The experiment was a success.[2]

The nanotech could not be delivered efficiently in large quantities. Since then, the zerg have likely developed an immunity to the nanotech.[3]

Stukov was captured by the Moebius Foundation, which studied the nanites as they slowly failed and he reverted into an infested terran.[4]


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