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The Antiga Shipyard is a space platform in orbit of Braxis Alpha.

As of January 2013, the start locations were altered to match those of popular tournaments. The starting positions are locked to cross-positions only.[1]

Game Map[]

It serves as a StarCraft II multiplayer map, released in season 3.

Antiga Shipyard is a long-game macromanagement-heavy game, designed to discourage rushes with a long rush distance.[2]

Call to Action[]

Main article: Call to Action

As of May 2012, Blizzard tests short-term changes on this map.[3] Most of the changes were introduced in a special patch introduced later that month.[4]

After the release of patch 1.5, it underwent another change.[5]

It tested a zerg nerf in November 2012[6] and a small terran buff later that same month.[7]

In January 13, there was a small infestor nerf; infested terrans no longer gain damage and armor upgrades.[1]


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