The Antigone was a battlecruiser in service to the Dominion Fleet. After the Battle of Char, its crew sided with Valerian Mengsk in the conflict that broke out between his forces and those loyal to Arcturus Mengsk.

In the opening salvos above Char, the Antigone was able to take out one of Arcturus's battlecruisers via combined fire from the Eos. As the battle progressed, the ship took damage, but responded to Valerian's order to meet at designated point of clear space within the Char system. The Antigone succeeded, and entered warp space with the rest of Valerian's fleet.

Unfortunately, the Dominion Fleet gave chase, and kept firing. The Antigone seemed to be Arcturus's preferred target apart from Valerian's flagship, and took the lion's share of the damage. It was clear to Valerian that his father intended on crippling it permanently. Taking severe damage, the Antigone contacted Valerian, informing him that it was unlikely it would be able to make another jump without making repairs. Unwilling to sacrifice the rest of his fleet, Valerian ordered to jump to the transmitted coordinates. It was something the ship was never able to do, as the ship was dealt a critical blow, setting it ablaze. A second shot later and the ship split in two, taking most, if not all of its crew with it.

Captain Matt Horner later expressed regret over the Antigone to Valerian, expressing that if they'd jumped a minute earlier, it could have made it.[1]


Antigone was a figure in Greek mythology.


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