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Apocalypse-class nuclear missiles were a type of nuclear missile used by the Terran Confederacy before the Great War. Due to the destruction of Korhal, the Confederacy began using much smaller nukes.[1]

The missiles are smaller than dropships.[2]

The Destruction of Korhal[]

Main article: Destruction of Korhal

The colonists of Korhal IV rebelled against their former masters, the Terran Confederacy. The latter resorted to assassinating its first leader with ghosts but still failed to control the rebellion. The Confederacy resorted to firing a thousand Apocalypse-class nuclear missiles at Korhal from the distant Confederate capital of Tarsonis, killing four million people[1] and setting the forests on fire.[3]

Political Fallout[]

After the Korhal incident, full-scale use of nuclear weapons were banned on habitable worlds. The Confederacy began using smaller missiles, targeted by ghosts.[1]

By 2501, the Terran Dominion was using smaller tactical nukes identified as Apocalypse-class. These were fired from battlecruisers. A cluster were fired from the Sons of Korhal-era battlecruiser Cyrus, which had not been upgraded since the Fall of Tarsonis.[4]


In some sources other than the StarCraft manual, Korhal was destroyed by nuclear missiles fired from battlecruisers.[2]


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