Apollo Shipyard is a space station in orbit over Grissom IV. It used to be owned by Rolly Gibbons.


The Screaming Skulls, a mercenary and smuggler band, took over the shipyard and killed its crew. Docking their ship, the Cutlass, to the shipyard, they used the location to lure in ships, capturing them and imprisoning any crew who refused to join up.[1]

The General Lee, a damaged vessel, traveled to the shipyard, bearing a crew of five War Pigs. Nuura Joss, a friend of Rolly Gibbons', believed this was a good place to repair the General Lee. The Screaming Skulls lured the General Lee into docking with the station and captured four of them. Their boarding team was killed by a stim-crazed War Pig, however, who then turned the General Lee's weapons on the station. The chaos and damaged enable the other War Pigs to escape.

As the remaining Skulls fled, they intended to escape in the Cutlass and nuke the station, but Joss fired a shot into a window, exposing them to vacuum and killing them. The other prisoners were put to work repairing the General Lee before the War Pigs departed.[1]


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