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The following section contains information from a silly source and is not canon.

On April Fools' Day, Blizzard Entertainment frequently conducts practical jokes revolving around its games.


Blizzard created a series of jokes around the tauren marine and other Warcraft/StarCraft universe "crossovers".[1]


The StarCraft II site was updated with a terran unit called the terra-tron, shown in a short flash video being assembled from an entire base.[2]


Blizzard advertised "Queen's Quest".[3]


StarCraft: Motion Overdrive, a "game" similar to StarCraft II for the console.[4] In addition, Blizzard "released" an extensive "patch".[5]


Blizzard released several news items: Introducing Blizzard Kidzz, Announcing StarCraft®: Supply Depot™, Fledgling Heroes: Blizzard Novels for a New Generation (the StarCraft related story is Ross Harrison and the Secret Academy) and New Zergotchi Authenticator.[6]


The warhound was restored as a StarCraft II multiplayer unit[7] as the worker unit for each race. This was a "prelude" to greater use in all Blizzard products.[8]


Blizzard renamed StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void to Herald of the Stars[9] and announced a fighting game called Blizzard Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished.[10]


Blizzard offered a Spear of Adun model on sale (and to scale at that),[11] B'Motes[12] and closure of the Legacy of the Void beta.[13]


Carbot Zergling Co-op Missions commander announced.[14] New game StarCraft II Balance Manager 2016 announced.[15] A playable browser game named Maximum Novadrive is released.[16]


A new mutator for Co-op Missions, "Sudden But Inevitable," pits both commanders against each other on the "Steppes of Betrayal" map.[17] An overlord announcer was also announced.[18]


A fake balance patch, Patch 4.1, was announced for StarCraft Remastered.[19]


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