"Warp fields stabilized."

- Arbiter pilot(src)

The Arbiter is a protoss warship specializing in providing psychic support.


"You'd be surprised how long a few seconds can be when you can't move."

- A Dominion marine in regards to the arbiter's stasis abilities(src)

Arbiter SC1 CineReturnAiur1

An arbiter in Aiur's orbit

Lumbering but durable support vessels, arbiters are piloted by members of the Judicator Caste, and are infused with psionic energy.[1] The Judicator uses the arbiter as a base to provide support using space-time manipulation.[2] While capable of inflicting light damage. the arbiter is far more valued for its ability to create dynamic tactical advantages for the Great Fleet.[1]

Arbiter SC-BG Cncpt1

An arbiter during the Great War

The Judicator can generate a large reality-warping field that serves to conceal nearby friendly units. The arbiter had to remain firmly anchored in space-time to generate the field and so is not concealed itself. Furthermore, arbiters can weaken space-time, tearing rifts in the fabric of space-time, creating a vortex linking another location to the arbiter's location. This can be used to move personnel and supplies over long distances. On the other hand, arbiters can also strengthen space-time and create discrete pockets of space-time, trapping objects and preventing those objects from interacting with objects outside of their pockets.[2]

Arbiters are capable of transporting forces within their holds, including dragoons.[3]


"The legendary arbiter vessels have been reconstructed due to our great need. They can be deployed at your discretion."
Sc2 arbiter

An arbiter during the End War

Prior to the Great War, arbiters were crewed exclusively by Judicators, unlike other warships that were manned predominantly by Templar.[2] The arbiter often accompanied protoss war fleets into battle.[1]

After the Judicator Caste was eliminated from the protoss power structure, the arbiter quickly fell into disuse. When the protoss fled Aiur to Shakuras, the technology for arbiters was lost along with Aiur.[4] During the End War however, the Daelaam recovered the Spear of Adun from Aiur. The construction details for building the arbiters were still in the ship's databanks, and they were redeployed to serve in the End War, outfitted with a variant of the phase disruptor cannon named the warpspace cannon.[5]

AlliedCommanders SC2-LotV Art1

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During the End War, Talandar utilized a Purifier variant of the arbiter named the Cybros arbiter as one of the suits that could house his AI consciousness. This arbiter overcame the need to be anchored in spacetime and was able to cloak itself as well as allies.[6]

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StarCraft: GhostEdit

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Arbiter Ghost Game1

An arbiter in StarCraft: Ghost

The arbiter was set to appear in StarCraft: Ghost. A wireframe appears in a demonstration build of the game.[7]

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Arbiter SC-FM Art1

An arbiter


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An arbiter (or arbitrator) is an individual whose decision the parties to a dispute agree to be bound in arbitration. This could be said to be representative of the Judicator Caste.


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