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"Two heads are better than one - you and an ally share control over a singular base to battle against an enemy in multiplayer action. Learn StarCraft tactics from a seasoned veteran or amplify the power of a burgeoning all-star. Embody the spirit of the Archon and merge together to become a greater, unified force."

- Mode summary.(src)

Archon Mode

Archon Mode is a gameplay mode introduced in Legacy of the Void. In it, two players take control over a single army[1] and battle against an enemy duo. By sharing the responsibility of commanding troops and managing resources, players can focus on their own areas of the battle and execute more intricate strategies.[2] It is designed to make the game's gameplay more accessible for newcomers, as training in 1v1 games required custom games or practice mode to gain experience previously.[3]

Archon Mode tournaments will be introduced at a later date.[4]


The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void which is no longer valid.

Initially, the mode had one player focus on macro, and the other on micro. This was later changed to allow general control by both players.[5]


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