Arid Plateau is a StarCraft II map. It will be released for ladder in season 5,[1] but it was released after its announcement, a few days before season 5 starting.

It was removed from ladder in season 6.[2]

The rush distance on the map is comparable to Shakuras Plateau—the longest distance on Metalopolis. The developers tried to go for a slightly more exposed natural expansion, followed up by a greater choice of which third expansion to take. The high-yield expansion offers better resource acquisition, but is also the most difficult to defend, while the corner expansion is similar to expansions found on Metalopolis or The Shattered Temple. The base closest to the main is open, but remains easy to defend because of short travel time from the natural expansion.[3]

Official Map DescriptionEdit

The area leading to the center of the map is wide open. Rather than trying to set up a defensive position, try to act quickly by responding to attacks from different directions.


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