Artanis is controlled as a hero unit in the missions "The Infinite Cycle" and "Templar's Return." He also appears as an NPC-controlled hero unit in "The Growing Shadow" and "Essence of Eternity."

Artanis is a very powerful hero. He deals heavy damage with his normal attacks, is able to stun and damage enemies in an area of effect, and can continuously heal himself and allies with Astral Wind. He is furthermore very difficult to kill due to his Force of Will and Resurgence passives. However, prolonged frontline combat can wear him down, and the player should be very careful using him once Resurgence is triggered.


LightningDash SC2 Icon1
Lightning Dash

Artanis dashes forward, dealing 100 damage to nearby enemies on arrival and stunning them for 2 seconds.

Hotkey Q
Cooldown 5Time SC2 Game1
Resurgence SC2 Icon1

Upon taking fatal damage, user becomes invincible for 3 seconds and regenerates to full shields and health. Also releases an energy blast that knocks back enemies and deals 100 damage to them.

Cooldown 60Time SC2 Game1
AstralWind SC2 Icon1
Astral Wind

Heals user and nearby allies for 300 HP and 200 shields.

Hotkey E
Cooldown 15Time SC2 Game1
ForceOfWill SC2 Icon1
Force of Will

User has +300% shield regeneration rate and regenerates 1 HP a second.



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The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

Artanis has several dummied and incomplete abilities. Buttons exist for "Psionic Super Storm," "Inspire," "Psionic Shockwave," and "Temporal Field." A complete passive ability is also present, called "Premonition." Premonition grants Artanis brief glimpses of the future, giving him a 25% chance to evade incoming attacks and regenerating 25 energy for him when he does so. Artanis also has a partially complete "Maelstrom" ability that stuns enemies in an area of effect for 3 seconds.[1]

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