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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

Artifact trucks are automated terran transport vehicles. They were created by the crew of Agent Stone in the End War during his raid on the Moebius battle station.

Noticing that the Moebius Corps technology of the platform could shrug off conventional weapons, Stone loaded xel'naga relics into artifact trucks. These trucks were able to scramble communications, deactivate the gatekeeper constructs defending the platform, and detonate massive portions of the station vital to its operation. The trucks were successful in disabling the platform before it could fire on Terran Dominion colonies.[1]

Game Unit[]

Deploying artifact truck

Artifact trucks are part of the main objective on the Co-op Missions map "Cradle of Death." Two will spawn on the map, one controllable by each player. Players must escort them to beacons in order to destroy sections of the platform. Four sections, chosen mostly at random, but be destroyed to accomplish the mission. Artifact trucks can also disable gatekeeper constructs that guard the bases and the beacons, making them vulnerable to attack. These trucks have a very low target priority, and enemies will prioritize all attacking units over the trucks.

After both constructs guarding the objectives are destroyed, trucks gain a 50% increase in movement speed.

If the truck is damaged, it will quickly repair itself. It is destroyed, it will respawn from Stone's base after 10 seconds.

At intervals increasing as the mission progresses, enemy forces of all three races will spawn near the artifact trucks.

For the map's bonus objective, the trucks must be escorted to Moebius outposts. This will quickly destroy the outpost. This will not destroy the truck.[1]


SelfRepair Coop Game1.JPG
Self Repair

Automated systems will repair the artifact truck when out of combat.

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Artifact Disruption

This unit will disable a nearby enemy gatekeeper construct, allowing it to be damaged by attacks. Only affects one construct at a time.



Artifact disruption is not a regular targeted ability. The consequence is that a truck targeting something, instead of getting in range and firing the ability, will go to hug its target. Pressing the Stop button once in range will stop the truck, but the disruption will continue.


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