Atticus Minor is a planet situated in or near the Koprulu Sector.

Originally a world of the Terran Confederacy, Atticus Minor was subject to extensive underground mining. During the Great War however, the Sons of Korhal managed to wrest control of the planet away from the Confederates, achieving this by February, 2500. However, also by this stage, the terrans present on the world had to deal with the arrival of the zerg.[1]

At some point during this time, Arcturus Mengsk was present on the world among the troops in the field, only to come close to losing his life to the War Pigs, outlaws used by the Confederacy to terminate their greatest enemy. The attack failed however.[1]

Atticus Minor later became a world of the Terran Dominion.[2] In 2503,[3][4][5] members of Project Shadowblade attempted to destroy a refinery's storage towers with explosives, but were thwarted by Dominion forces. Official and media sources claimed that the attack was actually carried out by UED terrorists.[2]


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