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Augustgrad (a.k.a. "Korhal City")[1] is the capital city of Korhal, restored from Confederate destruction[2] and named in honor of Augustus Mengsk.[3]


Lying on a desert plain with mountains to its north, the city is exceptionally expansive with the core of the city on higher ground than the outlying regions to the southwest on the banks of a river. The city became the capital of the Terran Dominion and during the Brood War it was the most heavily fortified city in the Dominion,[4] an assessment that still held true during the Spectre Rebellion.

Structurally, Augustgrad is a showpiece of Dominion wealth and influence. Massive buildings are located in the core of the city, reaching upwards. On the ground, bustling streets are intermingled with quiet parks and open spaces. The city is a hotbed for technology, research, education and manufacturing, with the planet's population having a much higher than average income. Much of the Dominion's military leadership chose to live with their families in Augustgrad.[5] In spite of its massive wealth, it also contains stretches of great poverty and crime, with members of these communities seeing Dominion leadership as doing damage on them from above.[6]


Augustgrad SC1 CineInauguration1

Augustgrad during the declaration of the Dominion

Augustgrad, the "restored" capital of Korhal,[2] was established as the capital of the newly formed Terran Dominion a few weeks after the fall of the Terran Confederacy.[7]

During the Brood War, Augustgrad was besieged by the United Earth Directorate. The city fell[8] despite a long drawn out defense by Emperor Arcturus Mengsk.[9]


"Raynor, you and Fenix will strike at the more outlying fortification, while my forces are busy assaulting the main UED base at Augustgrad."
Augustgrad SC1 Cncpt1

A UED command center overlooking the city

The UED sent enslaved zerg to reinforce their troops in Augustgrad. However, their control of the Overmind was tenuous, so not many were sent. The UED forces occupying Augustgrad were overwhelmed by zerg under Sarah Kerrigan. General Edmund Duke then established his base of operations in Augustgrad.[10] The next morning, Duke's base was attacked by multitudes of zerg while most were asleep and unaware. The base was destroyed and Duke was killed.[8]


In the four years since the Brood War, Augustgrad was extensively decontaminated, modernized and beautified by Dominion tax dollars. It now features parks, statues of Mengsk and his imperial palace.[11] It is somewhat congested however.[12]

KorhalCity SC-GA2 Comic1

Augustgrad in 2501

In 2503, the Spectre Rebellion occurred, between the rebel Project Shadowblade and the Dominion. Shadowblade's AI, Lio Travski, shut down communications and Mengsk's Palace was attacked by spectres. However, the assault ended in failure, and Shadowblade withdrew.[5]

Shortly before the Second Great War, Augustgrad was bombarded by a pirate radio signal playing a song called Wings of Liberty. This lasted at least two days, leaving Dominion officials scrambling to find the source.[13]

Media BlitzEdit

MattHornerMissions SC2 Icon1

This article or section contains information from the optional Rebellion Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Main article: Media Blitz

In 2504, the Dominion unveiled the Odin at the UNN Studios, not realizing that it was piloted by Tychus Findlay. He fired on the studio guards, confusing the Dominion for several minutes, during which time Raynor's Raiders set up a forward base using a command center they acquired earlier. As they moved against the broadcast towers, General Horace Warfield attempted to stop them. However, Raynor's Raiders successfully broadcast proof that Mengsk used psi emitters on Tarsonis.[1] This caused rioting in the streets, during which citizens set fire to government buildings.[14]


Main article: Battle of Korhal
MutaliskBattlecruiser SC2-HotS Art1

The fall of Augustgrad

While Crown Prince Valerian Mengsk and Captain Matt Horner evacuated civilians, Kerrigan landed outside the city gates. The zerg drove Dominion forces into Augustgrad after using bile launchers to destroy the Drakken defense network.[15] Broodmother Zagara then pushed the Dominion into the Imperial sector,[16] where Raynor's Raiders teamed up with the zerg to topple the Dominion's elite troops.[17] Kerrigan entered the palace and killed Mengsk with the help of Commander Jim Raynor. The zerg then departed.[18]

End WarEdit

"Damn, look at this place... Even the zerg didn't tear into the city like this."

- Commander Jim Raynor(src)

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MarineSiegeTankAugustgrad SC2-LotV Cine1

The ruins of Augustgrad

Moebius Corps raided the palace and took the Keystone. They entrenched themselves at Bennet Port, preparing to transport it off world. Hybrid channeled Void energy into the Keystone, resulting in a psionic disruption that overwhelmed the terrans. Hierarch Artanis deployed immortals to protect the Dominion forces until the disruption subsided. The combined forces of Raynor, Valerian and Artanis reclaimed the Keystone.[19] The Dominion suffered enormous casualties in the process.[20]

AlliedCommanders SC2-LotV Art1

This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

At some point during the war, Amon sent forces to set up void shards outside of Korhal Palace. Corporal Faraday tasked allied commanders with destroying these shards before they could activate and destroy the city. During the battle, Kimeran Pirates began looting the city, and Faraday asked the allied commanders to destroy their two Pirate capital ships. The shards were destroyed before Korhal could be devastated.[21]


Korhal SC2-LotV Art1

The celebration

To memorialize the third anniversary of the fall of his father's regime, Valerian held a monumental celebration in the capital wing, heralding in a new age of peace and prosperity within the Dominion.[22]

During the Defenders of Man Insurgency, protests occurred outside of Korhal Palace in response to the feral zerg attack on Tyrador IX, with protestors calling for Valerian to step down as Emperor.[23]

By 2511, scars of the former conflicts that had scarred the city could still be seen. Around that time, the Terran Dominion Ghost Academy was temporarily moved from Ursa to Augustgrad.[24]

Known LocationsEdit

Dominion SC2 Art1




Augustgrad SC2 Cncpt1

The streets of Augustgrad

It was originally hazy as to whether "Korhal City" was the same location as Augustrad. The Wings of Liberty mission Media Blitz takes place in a city that is effectively unnamed, bar flags in the mission labeled "Korhal City." However, map editor files confirm that the city is indeed Augustgrad.[25]


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